How-to Make Glass Jar Chandeliers

First, find a metal cooling rack with a square grid. Next, gather some twine, thin gauge wire, scissors, wire cutters, and an assortment of small jars (we used glass baby food containers). Clean the jars thoroughly and remove any labels. Once you've rounded up all the right materials, begin by adding a wire handle to each small jar. Loop thin gauge wire cutters to snip the wire, leaving about 1 inch at each end. Twist the ends tightly to secure in lace, pressing excess wire against the jar rim. Repeat for each jar. Next, cut several 6- to 8-inch sections of wire for the handles. On each jar, place one end of a wire section under the wrapped rim wire. Twist a small portion of wire around the rest to secure in place. Insert the other end of the wire on the opposite side and wrap the remaining small portion around the newly formed handle. Repeat to add handles to each jar. Prepare your cooling rack by securely tying several different lengths of twine randomly onto the grid. Then, cut four long, equal lengths of twine. Tie one at each corner of the cooling rack on the opposite side of the other lengths of twine. Gather the four equal lengths of twine centered above the rack's top, and make a square knot to secure in place. Leave a few inches of room between the knot and the rack. Now, you can place a hook or other hanging device under the knot. To attach your miniature jar lanterns, tie each of the different lengths of twine to a wire handle. Fill each little jar about 1/3 full of clean sand, and place a tea light candle into the base so they don's move around!) Finally, hang your newly created chandelier from a tree limb or sturdy structure, and light the candles using a long-handled lighter or matchstick.