How-to Make Doughnuts

Shape: All you need to flatten this dough are your hands. Pat it down, then cut with a doughnut cutter. To keep the dough from sticking, wiggle your cutter in a little flour between cuts.

Sizzle: Fry'em in batches for a minute on each side; let the oil reheat to 365° before starting the next round. Use heatproof tongs for flipping and transferring piping-hot doughnuts from oil to paper towels.

Dip: Time to duck, drizzle and add all the tasty toppings of your dreams. Grab your glaze of choice and get ready to dip. For a translucent look, plunk your doughnut in glaze while it's still warm. Want it more opaque? Let the doughnut cool a bit before dunking. Feel free to double dunk.

Drizzle: Drizzle a second glaze over already-dipped doughnuts. (Chocolate on maple? Mmm!) Or add jimmies, nuts, bacon - any topper you crave.