How-to Make Chocolate Butterfly Garnishes

Melt about 10 oz. white candy coating. Trace pattern onto tracing paper. Place butterfly pattern on a flat surface. Arrange wooden spoons with handles 2 in. apart. Place a 4-in. square of waxed paper directly over the pattern. Cut a small hole in the bottom corner of a pastry bag or heavy-duty resealable plastic bag. Insert round pastry tip #4 or pipe candy coating directly from the bag. Fill bag with some melted candy coating. Pipe chocolate over the pattern, carefully tracing the butterfly outline. Continue with the inside design, then pipe the body and antennae. If mistakes are made when tracing over the pattern with chocolate, or if chocolate begins to harden while tracing, simply start over. Remove chocolate from bag before remelting. To fix broken wings or antennae, "glue" them back on with melted chocolate.

Immediately pick up the edges of waxed paper and place the completed butterfly between the spoon handles with the wings resting against the handles. This will create the curve of the wings. Repeat, lining up the butterflies down the length of the handles. Remove butterflies from waxed paper by carefully peeling away the waxed paper. If butterflies are not to be used immediately, store in a cool dry place in a covered plastic container. Place butterflies on cakes, cupcakes or petits fours while frosting is still moist. This will help secure them in place.