How-to Make a Special Plate

Use a clear glass plate with a smooth back (pictured here is an 8-in plate). Remove any stickers from back of plate and wash plate to remove smudges or fingerprints. Cut a 10-in. square of 100% cotton or cotton-blend fabric. Using a flat paintbrush, apply satin finish decoupage medium evenly to back of plate. With right side of fabric facing back of plate, place fabric on back of plate. Smooth out wrinkles and remove any air bubbles. Let dry for about 15 minutes. Use paintbrush to apply decoupage medium to the fabric on the back of the plate. Let dry. Trim any excess fabric even with edge of plate. Lightly sand the back of the plate with finishing sandpaper to remove any ridges. Apply another thin layer of decoupage medium. Let dry and sand lightly. Paint back of plate with acrylic craft pain to match background of fabric. Let dry. Plate can be wiped with a damp cloth to clean. Do not submerge plate in water.