Checking for Doneness

What's the best way to tell if grilled meat or poultry is done?

Use a thermometer to check the internal temperature of your grilled item before the recommended cooking time is up. The…

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Cleaning a Grill Rack

Don’t waste any time scrubbing your grill rack. Instead, put it in a clean plastic trash bag and spray it generously with oven cleaner. Tightly close the bag and leave it overnight. The next day,…

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Direct vs. Indirect Heat

What is the difference between grilling over "direct" and "indirect" heat?

When using the direct grilling method, the food is cooked "directly" over an even heat source (gas or charcoal).…

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Gas or Charcoal?

Cooking times should be the same for gas or charcoal grills. When a recipe says to cook over medium coals, use the medium heat setting on your gas grill.

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Grilling Asparagus

When grilling asparagus, use a grill rack to prevent thin spears from falling into the coals. —Cheryl Shaw, Lafayette, Indiana

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Grilling Fresh Sausages

Fresh sausages can be grilled without precooking. Turn them often and, before serving, cut one in half to be certain it’s no longer pink in the center. If you simmer sausages in water first, they…

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Grilling with Wood Chips

Place the soaked wood chips on a large piece of heavy-duty foil.

Bring up two edges over the center of chips and fold down twice.

Fold the side edges over twice.

Poke holes in…

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How Hot Are Your Coals?

How can I judge how hot the coals in my charcoal grill are?

Cautiously hold your hand 4 inches over the coals. Start counting the number of seconds you can hold your hand in place before the…

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How Much Charcoal Do I Need?

How do I know how much charcoal to use?

It's easy to determine the number of briquettes you need…simply spread them in a single layer just a bit beyond where the food is to be cooked.…

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Marinate Meats in the Freezer

When unpacking groceries, I repackage any meat and poultry I’ve purchased for grilling into freezer bags, then add my favorite marinade to each bag before popping them into the freezer. Later,…

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The Best Grilled Burgers

To keep grilled burgers from drying out, be careful not to overhandle the meat before cooking. If you add seasonings to the ground beef, gently mix them in with two forks just until combined. Then…

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Tips for Grilling Steaks

Trim steaks to avoid flare-ups, leaving a thin layer of fat if desired to help maintain juiciness. Pat dry with paper towels before grilling—a dry steak will brown better than a moist…

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