No More Lumpy Gravy!

My gravy was always lumpy until I learned a quick trick: Spin lumpy gravy in the blender for a couple seconds until it’s smooth and ready to serve. —Maria B., Satanta, Kansas

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Reducing Pan Juices for Gravy

To thicken pan juices without flour, remove the meat to a warm serving platter. Transfer pan juices along with browned bits to a saucepan. Bring to a boil; cook, uncovered, until the liquid…

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Tomato Sausage Gravy

In Milan, Tennessee, it’s a family tradition for Anne C. to make tomato gravy with her sausage. “Pour tomato juice instead of milk or water into the sausage drippings and thicken with flour,” she…

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Veggies Add Extra Flavor To Gravy

When roasting a whole turkey or chicken without stuffing, place apples halves, onion halves, celery hearts and carrot chunks in the neck and body cavities. They will add flavor to the cooking…

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