Bouillon Adds A Boost

To give rice a flavor boost, add a beef or chicken bouillon cube to the water. You can also toss in a few sprigs of fresh herbs while it's cooking.

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Couscous (KOOS koos)

A commercially produced grain product usually made from semolina, shaped into tiny beads with origins in the Middle East and North Africa. Found in the rice or pasta section of the grocery store,…

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Go For The Grains

Not sure how to incorporate grains into your menu plans? Try serving brown rice, barley or quinoa as a side instead of potatoes or white rice. To dress them up a little, add some sauteed onion,…

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An Italian-style mush prepared from cornmeal and water; often flavored with Parmesan or Gorgonzola cheese. It is cooked until thickened and smooth and served as a side dish much like rice or…

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