Stuffing Secrets

To save time on Thanksgiving morning, begin some stuffing preparation the night before. For example, chop and saute vegetables. Cut bread into cubes or measure out store-bought stuffing croutons. Combine seasonings. Store wet ingredients separate from dry ones, and store perishable items in the refrigerator.
Don't combine all of the stuffing ingredients or stuff the bird until just before baking. Then loosely spoon stuffing into the neck and body cavities.
If making dressing to stuff a turkey, allow 3/4 cup for each pound of turkey.
Stuffed poultry requires a longer roasting time. Add 15-45 minutes to the time un-stuffed poultry takes. The internal temperature must reach 165° for the stuffing and 180° for the turkey.
Stuffing can also be baked in a casserole as the poultry roasts. To convert a recipe where the stuffing was baked in a bird, reduce the baking time and cook until the temperature is 165°.