Carefully Add Layers

When making a layered gelatin salad, it's helpful to gently spoon (rather than pour) each layer onto the previous layer of gelatin so it doesn't break through the other layers. —Janet…

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Easy, Elegant Garnish

You can dress up any gelatin dish with fresh edible flowers. I use nasturtiums from my neighbor's garden. It really adds elegance to a quick-and-easy dessert. —DeeDee Hagen, Santa Maria,…

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Garnishing Salad Molds

Make your salad mold the center of attention by adding some garnishes to the middle.

In the Molded Egg Salad picture, we rolled up thin slices of salami and tucked them in the center along…

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Gelatin Parfaits

Here's a fun twist on layered gelatin served in parfait glasses: Pour the first layer into the glasses, then tilt the glasses in the refrigerator while the gelatin sets. To do this, carefully lean…

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Making Gelatin

When making gelatin, stir the powder and hot liquid with a slotted spoon. This keeps clumps of powder from sticking to the sides of the dish. —Jeanette S., Erie, Pennsylvania

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No More Gelatin Spills

When making gelatin, place the mold in the refrigerator before pouring in the last cup of liquid or fruit. This prevents the spills that often occur when transferring a full mold to the…

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Pick the Right Pineapple

Fresh pineapple contains an enzyme that prevents gelatin from setting. Be sure to use canned pineapple instead. —Julia Kiewit, Laurel, Mississippi

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Sticky Gelatin

Gelatin always sticks to the bottom or sides of the bowl when I prepare it. So I put the dry mix in a bowl and add just enough cold water to dampen it. Then I pour in the boiling water and stir.…

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Tips for Better Gelatin Salads

Always use canned or cooked pineapple in gelatin salads. Fresh pineapple and kiwifruit will prevent the salad from setting.

For easy removal of gelatin salads from the mold, moisten the…

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Unmolding Gelatin Cake

When I have trouble unmolding my favorite gelatin cake, I turn it over onto a serving platter and drape the mold with a hot damp towel for a minute. This loosens the gelatin and it comes right…

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Variations of Christmas Gelatin Cutouts

The recipe for Christmas Gelatin Cutouts makes about 4 dozen. If a smaller yield is desired, use only one flavor of gelatin and half of the water, milk and pudding.

You can also use other…

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