Teapot Poinsettia

When hosting a dinner or brunch during the holidays, don’t just set a potted poinsettia on your table for a centerpiece. Instead play upon the hospitality theme by using a teapot or coffeepot as a vase for cut poinsettias.

Poinsettia plant
Melted candle wax
Floral foam
Fresh ivy and ferns or other greens

Cut poinsettia bracts with stems from plant (we used only one). Immediately dip the end of each stem into melted candle wax to seal and then place stems in cool water. Cut the foam to fit inside teapot. Soak foam following manufacturer’s instructions; place inside teapot. Add cut poinsettia bracts. Fill in the arrangement with ivy and ferns.

Editor’s Note: The stems of cut poinsettias secrete sap, which can prevent them (and other flowers or greens in the arrangement) from absorbing water. So after cutting poinsettia bracts from the plant, the stems must be sealed. We sealed ours with melted candle wax, but they can also be sealed by singeing them with an open flame or by placing them in rubbing alcohol for 10 minutes. Place stems in cool water immediately after sealing.