Patriotic Picnic Table

When dining outdoors on Memorial Day or July Fourth, show your patriotic colors with a red, white and blue table trim.

First, cover your picnic or patio table with a white tablecloth, allowing it to hang over the sides of the table. You can use cloth if you choose, but disposable paper tablecloths are less expensive and require no laundering afterward. They can be found at variety and party supply stores.

Next, gather red and blue ribbon in assorted widths. Cut lengths of ribbon equal to the length of the tablecloth. Center the widest ribbon down the length of the table. Place a bit of double-stick tape on the underside of the ribbon at each edge of the table. Add additional ribbons on each side of the wide ribbon, and tape as before. Trim the ribbons even with the tablecloth.

Now cut lengths of ribbon equal to the width of the table. Place them across the width of the table between each place setting, weaving them through the lengthwise ribbons, and tape as before. Trim ribbons even with the tablecloth.

Place red and white geraniums in a patriotic container on the center of the table. Wrap tableware in a festive napkin; tie in a bow with a contrasting ribbon.