Hosting a Fondue Party

The best part about hosting a fondue party is that you do the prep work in advance, then guests do their own cooking! Here are some helpful hints to make your fondue party go off without a hitch.

Most fondue pots hold up to six fondue forks. Depending on your number of guests, you'll need several pots. Extra pots also are needed if you're cooking different types of fondue. Electric fondue pots are better for oil cooking because they allow you to maintain a higher temperature. For recipes where the fondue simply needs to be warmed, you could use a small slow cooker instead. Be on the lookout for discounted fondue pots on clearance racks at department stores and at rummage sales. Or ask friends and family if they have one you can borrow.

If children will be attending the party, think twice about setting up the fondue on a cloth-covered table. To avoid the risk of little hands pulling the cloth and spilling the hot pots, consider placing things on a high, sturdy, easy-to-clean surface such as a kitchen island or breakfast bar.

The day before the party, cut up meats and fruits (except fruits that may discolor), prepare the cheese, chocolate and any condiments. Store in airtight containers and refrigerate perishable items. Set out fondue pots, fondue forks and serving dishes. Also have salad plates, knives and forks available.

A few hours before the party, cube bread and store in a resealable plastic bag. Place meats and fruits in serving containers, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.

As guests arrive, heat the fondue ingredients and set out the items to be dipped.

During the party, keep perishable items like meat chilled by placing the serving container on a plate of ice.