Body-Parts Party Game

Have the guests at your Halloween party gather 'round for a fun game that focuses on feeling frightfully fun foods. Place the "body parts" listed here in separate, large resealable plastic bags, then place in paper bags.

Dim the lights and have everyone sit in a circle. Tell guests to pass around the bags one at a time, reach into each bag without looking looking and guess the body parts. Here's what you need for a howling good time.

Hot dog chunks (noses)
Whole cooked, chilled cauliflower (brain)
Peeled grapes (eyeballs)
Cooked spaghetti noodles (intestines)
Latex glove filled with warm water, tied and frozen (hand)
Dried apple rings, cut in half (ears)
Slab of gelatin (liver)
Nut shells (toenails)
Pieces of chalk (teeth)