An Eye-Catching Buffet Table

Although a host of special appetizers may be the star of your party, using other items on your buffet table can add even more visual interest.
Rise to the Occasion. When all of the serving dishes on a buffet are at the same height, the table can look a little flat. Add some height in the following two ways:
Undercover Risers. Before laying down your tablecloth, set down risers, such as phone books, buckets, sturdy boxes, hardcover books, inverted cake pans and clay pots. Be sure the risers are big enough so serving dishes sit steadily.
Pretty Pedestals. Use cake pedestals in varying heights as serving trays. Don't have any? Create your own with inverted cups or glasses and any pretty plates.
Festive Fillers. After you set up the buffet table, there may be areas that could use some filling in. Here are some items you can try weaving around your serving platters and bowls:
Seasonal Decorations. Ornaments are a natural addition to a Christmas table. But also remember other Yuletide items like small wrapped boxes, nativity sets and Christmas villages.
Wrapped in Ribbons. You can purchase Christmas ribbons in varying sizes and colors to tie into your color scheme. Curl loosely and wrap around other elements on your table.
Natural Selection. Fresh and artificial evergreen boughs brighten any holiday table. Also tuck in pine cones, berries and fruits such as pears and apples.