Successful Cutout Cookies

For tender cutout cookies that bake perfectly every time, follow these tips:

For easier handling, refrigerate the dough before rolling out.

Lightly flour the rolling pin and work surface. Too much flour added to the dough can cause cookies to be tough.

Work with one portion of dough at a time. Keep the remaining dough in the refrigerator to prevent it from getting too warm.

Roll out from the center to the edge. Keep a ruler handy so you can check the thickness. If there are cutouts of varying thickness on the baking sheet, some will brown too quickly, while others will be underbaked.

Dip the cookie cutter in flour so it doesn't stick to the dough.

Avoid having too many scraps by placing the cookie cutters close together on the rolled-out dough. Save any scraps and reroll them only once.

Transfer cutouts to and from the baking sheet with a large metal spatula.