Ways to Reuse Christmas Cards

As you pack away the holiday decorations after the new year, it's tempting to simply toss all the Christmas cards you received into the recycling bin. Instead, read through those greeting cards one more time and put them in a box. Over the summer or in fall, pull out the cards and use them in the following creative ways:

Merry Markers. For beautiful bookmarks or gift tags, reach for the scissors and cut out images or words. Use a hole punch, then tie on a tassel. These homemade bookmarks make special stocking stuffers.

Pretty as a Picture. Framed photos of holiday scenes are a great way to liven up your decor at Christmastime, but they often can be costly. An easy and inexpensive alternative is to frame images from greetings cards. Use a traditional photo frame as a tabletop display. For an eye-catching wall hanging, purchase a larger matted frame.

Seasonal Stationery. The front, inside and even back of Christmas cards can have pretty images that would work well as postcards, note cards and recipe cards. (Be sure to check with your local post office regarding postcard size restrictions.)