Tree Decorating Tips

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree adds to the magical memories of the holidays. So spruce up your evergreen like a pro with these helpful hints:

Instead of simply wrapping the lights around your tree, string the lights around the branches, starting at the trunk and working out. As you come to the end of each strand, turn on the lights, stand back and move the lights to fill in any holes. Plan on a strand of 100 lights for every foot your tree is tall.

When hanging ornaments, the general rule of thumb is to have the larger ornaments near the bottom of the tree and the smaller ones on top. Add depth by placing some ornaments near the trunk and some closer to the branch tip. Use approximately 40 ornaments for every tree foot.

The last thing to do is add the garland. String less garland near the top and add more as you work your way down. Thin garlands look best when draped from branch to branch, while thick garlands are more appealing when loosely wrapped around the tree. For every tree foot, you'll need about two strands of garland.