Bars & Brownies

Cutting Granola Bars

Cutting granola bars can be a sticky business. To make it easier, I spritz the knife with nonstick cooking spray before starting to cut, repeating as needed. —Cheryl Lee, Gallatin,…

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Easily Cut Bars & Brownies

To easily cut brownies, line the baking pan with foil, leaving 3 inches hanging over each end. Grease the foil if the recipe instructs. After the baked brownies have cooled, use the foil to lift…

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Fast Frosting for Brownies

After removing a pan of brownies from the oven, sprinkle with chocolate chips. Let stand until the chocolate melts. Spread with a rubber spatula.

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Pressing Dough into the Pan

To spread dough evenly into the pan when making brownies, used waxed paper or put a plastic sandwich bag over your hand. Doing so also keeps your hands clean.

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Prevent Hard Brownie Edges

When making brownies, you can prevent the edges from getting hard. First of all, use an oven thermometer to make sure your oven temperature is accurate. Then test for doneness toward the end of…

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Problem-Solving Pointers for Bars and Brownies

Baked Unevenly

The batter wasn't spread evenly in the pan.

The oven rack wasn't level.

Are Overbaked

A pan larger than called for in the recipe was used, causing the batter to be…

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Storing Bars and Brownies

Cover a pan of uncut brownies and bars with foil - or put the pan in a large resealable plastic bag. (If made with perishable ingredients, like cream cheese, they should be covered and…

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