Grilling Over Indirect Heat

How do you grill over indirect heat when you have a charcoal grill? And should the meat be covered with foil…or do you just put the cover on the grill? —S.S., Milford, New York

Grilling over indirect heat is used for foods that need to be cooked for a long time over medium or medium-low heat. It is recommended for roasts, ribs, chicken, turkey and other large cuts of meat. To do this with your charcoal grill, you need to arrange the coals differently than you normally do. First, place a drip pan in the center of your grill’s bottom charcoal grate. Then arrange hot coals in a circle around the drip pan or on opposite sides of it. Place the food in the center of the cooking grate over the drip pan to catch any drippings. When the recipe directs to grill the meat "covered," that means to place the cover on the grill during cooking.