Fondue Flop

I recently tried a new fondue recipe that uses shredded Gouda and Edam cheeses. The recipe said to stir the cheese into simmering white wine, but I substituted nonalcoholic wine. I never could get the cheese to melt. It was a big gooey glob instead of smooth and creamy. What did I do wrong? —S.I., Falls Church, Virginia

Your fondue may not have worked out for two reasons. First, cheese can curdle easily when overheated, so it could be that the liquid was too hot. It's best to use a low heat when melting cheese. Secondly, fondues are traditionally made with white wine to prevent the cheese from becoming stringy, but lemon juice can serve a similar function. Next time you make the fondue, try adding a little lemon juice along with the nonalcoholic wine. Good luck!