Unsweetened Apple Juice

Some recipes call for unsweetened apple juice. But at my grocery store, I cannot find a product with a label that says that. Can I just use regular apple juice? —R.L., Minooka, Illinois

We use the ingredient term "unsweetened" to indicate that no sweetener has been added to a product. On products at the grocery store, the label term for unsweetened apple juice is "100% apple juice." This confirms that the product contains only apple juice, which is most often made from concentrate. A glance at the ingredient label, not the Nutrition Facts Panel, will confirm that no additional sweeteners have been added. The ingredients in an unsweetened product will read "100% apple juice" or "water, apple juice concentrate." If the product is fortified with vitamin C, then ascorbic acid or vitamin C will be listed as an ingredient. The ingredient label of a product that has been sweetened will list the sweetener used, usually high fructose corn syrup or sugar.