Dairy Substitute

I have a hard time digesting dairy products. Is there anything I can substitute for milk in recipes without changing the flavor of the dish I'm making? —P.S., Las Vegas, Nevada

Unfortunately, this is a fairly common problem. There are members of my family who are lactose intolerant as well. The good news is that there are some solutions. My family has had good luck using a lactose supplement, which is either chewed or swallowed, before consuming dairy-rich foods. This allows them to enjoy dairy products without experiencing digestive discomfort. There are also products in almost any grocery dairy case that are lactose-reduced or lactose-free. Lactose-reduced milk has 70% less lactose than regular milk, and lactose-free milk is virtually free of any lactose. Either of these milks can be used in recipes in place of regular milk. However, they are more expensive than standard milk and taste a little sweeter to some people.