Chicken Bouillon Substitute

What can I substitute for the chicken bouillon granules called for in many recipes? If there is a salt-free product, I have not found it. —S.D., Houston, Texas

There are a few low-sodium bouillon options available in both beef and chicken flavor. Be sure to read the nutrition label carefully so you know what you are buying. A teaspoon of regular bouillon granules (equivalent to a bouillon cube) contains about 900 mg of sodium. In comparison, a teaspoon of Wyler's reduced-sodium bouillon has about 600 mg of sodium, and Wyler's very low-sodium granules have about 5 mg per teaspoon. Herb-ox is another national brand that has very low-sodium bouillon. Both brands use potassium chloride as a salt substitute. A teaspoon of Wyler's very low-sodium bouillon granules contains about 440 mg of potassium. However, potassium can be a problem for some people. If that's true for you, be sure to talk to your doctor before using low-sodium products.

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