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Sweet and Spicy Air-Fryer Meatballs

1 review

I am always on a quest for meatballs that pack a sweet and savory punch. These are a snap to pull together and can be served over rice or buttered noodles.—Tami Kuehl, Loup City, Nebraska

Deluxe Ham Balls

Whenever I serve these saucy baked ham balls to guests, they ask me for the recipe. It's one I've had...

Hash Brown Ham Quiche

12 reviews

My family loves this cheesy ham quiche on Sunday morning after church. I'm a registered nurse, and I got this...

Turkey Croquettes with Cranberry Salsa

4 reviews

This recipe is a great way to use up leftover turkey after the holidays.—Jacque Capurro, Anchorage, Alaska

Meatballs in Plum Sauce

4 reviews

A tasty sauce made of plum jam and chili sauce coats these moist meatballs beautifully. Make sure these delightful appetizers...

Golden Ham Croquettes

4 reviews

Neighbors happened to drop in the first time I made this recipe and they loved it. I often make the...

Balsamic-Glazed Fig & Pork Tenderloin

2 reviews

I have a huge fig tree that produces an abundance of figs. One year I tried drying some and developed...

Chili Nachos

8 reviews

This creamy, chili-style dish is so warm and filling that we often prepare it when on skiing trips to Colorado....

Corn Tortilla Pizzas

1 review

These tasty individual pizzas have the zippy flavor of tacos. When I created this recipe and served these pizzas to...

Whole Wheat Pepperoni Pizzas

2 reviews

People say that the crispy whole wheat crust of this pizza recipe is the best they've tasted. Plus, it's so...

Garlic-Onion Tomato Pizza

You won't miss the traditional tomato sauce when you bite into a slice of this pizza - it is absolutely...

Contest-Winning BLT Pizza

7 reviews

A friend shared the recipe for this cold pizza that gets its crispy crust from refrigerated crescent roll dough. My...

Fresh Tomato Basil Pizza

4 reviews

I crave this bruschetta-like pizza in spring, when I'm planting tomatoes in our garden. Slices make great appetizers when the...

New Haven Clam Pizza

1 review

This appetizer is the perfect start to any meal. It's always been a big hit with our family and friends....

Tomato Pizza Bread

6 reviews

Refrigerated pizza crust dough gets a tasty treatment from pleasant seasonings and easy cheese and tomato toppings. This basic recipe...

Crab Cake-Stuffed Portobellos

21 reviews

Served as an hors d'oeuvre or a light main dish, these stuffed mushrooms are pretty and delicious. Canned crabmeat becomes...