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Jerk-Seasoned Meat Loaves

I wanted meat loaf but also something unique, so I decided to spice up my usual recipe by using Jamaican jerk seasoning. My family loved it! I completed the meal by serving it with string beans and yams. —Iris Cook, Batavia, Illinois

Mini Meat Loaf Sheet-Pan Meal

13 reviews

I grew up with this classic meat loaf recipe, but I adapted it to mini meatloaves so that they would...

Cranberry Ham Loaf

1 review

A cranberry sauce topping makes this easy-to-prepare ham loaf festive enough for a holiday meal. I find it’s a great...

Bacon & Cheese Meat Loaf

11 reviews

We created this recipe to convince my son to try meat loaf, adding blue cheese and bacon for flavor. It...

Tortilla-Salsa Meat Loaf

2 reviews

I’m asked to make this recipe at least once a month during the winter, especially for birthday dinners. My guests...

Just-Like-Thanksgiving Turkey Meat Loaf

16 reviews

For a holiday meal any time of year, this tender turkey meat loaf is perfect. Complemented with a cranberry glaze,...

Mozzarella Meat Loaf Wellington

6 reviews

I took what I liked from a few different recipes and came up with this cheese-stuffed loaf. I make it...

Favorite Meat Loaf Cups

12 reviews

My family enjoys meat loaf, but sometimes I can't spare the hour or more it takes to bake in the...

Cool-Kitchen Meat Loaf

5 reviews

Juicy slices of this tender meat loaf are wonderful served with a homemade sweet-and-sour sauce. It's an easy way to...

Cheeseburger Meat Loaf

23 reviews

I created this meat loaf one day when I wanted to make cheeseburgers—my husband's favorite—but it was too chilly to...

Li’l Cheddar Meat Loaves

199 reviews

I got this recipe from my aunt when I was a teen and have made these miniature loaves many times...

Easy Breezy Turkey Loaf

6 reviews

If you want a meat loaf that reminds you of home, try this super easy recipe. Your favorite store-bought spaghetti...

Meat Loaf Miniatures

31 reviews

My family and I can't get enough of these little meat loaf muffins topped with a sweet ketchup sauce. They...

Wild Rice Meat Loaf

6 reviews

I've shared this recipe with many friends. The unique, hearty meat loaf is full of surprises - tangy wild rice...

Contest-Winning Pineapple Ham Loaf

4 reviews

My cousin served this tender ham loaf at a family get-together, and I eagerly asked for the recipe. Since then,...

Buffalo Blue Cheese Meat Loaf

6 reviews

I made meat loaf with wing sauce for my guy, who prefers food with big flavors. He went crazy for...

Cheese-Topped Meat Loaves

7 reviews

This is one of my favorite entrees for two. I found this tender meat loaf recipe in a supermarket’s cookbook...

Pesto Meat loaf

This is one of my favorite meat loaf recipes. The salsa gives it just the right amount of tang, and...

Prosciutto-Stuffed Meat Loaf

4 reviews

An amazing blend of flavors—including prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and cheese—make this rolled loaf something special.

Greek Meat Loaves

10 reviews

Flavored with sun-dried tomatoes and Greek olives, this twist on traditional meat loaf will be a hit, especially when served...

Meat Loaf-Stuffed Peppers

2 reviews

With my husband—who won't eat the same thing twice—I've had to learn to be creative with leftovers (around here, we...

Mad About “Meat” Loaf

7 reviews

Meat loaf will be wearing new accessories this year - spinach, carrots, zucchini and whole grains. Grind the nuts in...

Taco Meat Loaves

11 reviews

We live in Texas and love the Southwest style of cooking. This taco meat loaf recipe spices up plain ol’...

Meat Loaf Potato Surprise

2 reviews

Meet the Cook: Although I'm retired after years teaching school, my days continue to be full. So easy dishes like...

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