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redcow User ID: 47124 281609
Reviewed Jan. 6, 2018

"Made just as recipe written. Both my husband and I thought it had a grainy texture. Tasted OK. Probably will not make again. Must admit that it was very easy to make."

JaneR1954 User ID: 6191303 279535
Reviewed Dec. 18, 2017

"I tried this from googling peanut butter fudge. It was easy. Creamy and taste heavenly."

mountainbaby User ID: 1680510 278562
Reviewed Dec. 1, 2017

"I have make this recipe for years and love it. Use a flavorful peanut butter for best results."

JayGirlW User ID: 5941059 277906
Reviewed Nov. 17, 2017

"I've tried lots of recipes, this was the first that came close to the one my mother always made . I used crunchy peanut butter and added some vanilla and a pinch of salt. I greased the foil with spray and added the butter to the milk and sugar mixture. So glad this recipe doesn't need a candy thermometer. Prep your ingredients first so you can mix quickly."

Jennifer User ID: 9299945 276971
Reviewed Oct. 29, 2017

"I've never made fudge before, and I must admit, after reading some of these flop reviews, I was a little scared. But, this fudge turned out perfect, and my entire family loved it. I will definitely make this again for the holidays!"

AfterAgnesDowner User ID: 7584816 269931
Reviewed Jul. 25, 2017

"Topped with mini marshmallows, salted peanuts & chocolate chips & under the broiler a couple minutes then swirled the topping. Very rich."

homemadewithlove User ID: 4311884 260783
Reviewed Feb. 4, 2017

"Best Fudge recipe! Very fluffy and creamy. We only make at Christmas and my husband helps with the stirring. Yields great results."

Wenwen36 User ID: 8677191 240359
Reviewed Dec. 27, 2015

"I have made this many times! It is the best and easiest recipe I've found for peanut butter fudge. I went to get the ingredients today to make more and both stores in my little town were sold out of marshmallow creme. I am wondering if I can make this with whole marshmallows, what adjustments I need to make if so... I'd appreciate any help please! Thanks for the best fudge recipe EVER!"

kerryboots User ID: 8537232 232841
Reviewed Sep. 13, 2015

"I'd never made fudge before and was scared. This is the best fudge I've ever eaten. Made it many times last fall/winter and getting ready to make it again for the 2nd time in two weeks. Thank you so much."

joshc5919 User ID: 8526335 232305
Reviewed Sep. 4, 2015

"Made this recipe many times. Went to make it tonight, and didnt have milk. So I used half and half instead. Came out really creamy, and really delicious. Recommend trying it."

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