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klabelle9 User ID: 8613872 282215
Reviewed Jan. 17, 2018

"Use flour, then egg, and pretzel to make it stick better"

JCV4 User ID: 628113 259535
Reviewed Jan. 11, 2017

"I used no salt pretzels and real maple syrup, then just added a little salt and pepper with the egg mixture. Flavor was good. I like the idea of baking the chicken from cmoczarski. I will try that next time. Thanks for the tip!"

luigimon User ID: 1692040 214182
Reviewed Dec. 6, 2014

"This wasn't too bad! I too soaked the chicken in the egg and syrup, but I made the mistake of not reading the reviews before I went to the store, and I did not use real maple syrup. I bet that would make a difference. But the pretzel coating was crunchy and the chicken was juicy. I'll make this again!"

cmoczarski User ID: 1410750 176234
Reviewed Nov. 17, 2014

"Excellent combination! For a healthier version I baked ... 400 degrees - 25 minutes, then flip - cooked another 12 minutes."

Cklee1403 User ID: 7760621 131133
Reviewed Nov. 10, 2014

"This was pretty good I used honey because I didn't have maple syrup . I guess it was honey pretzel chicken I don't think my pretzels were crushed fine enough but all in all the chicken was juicy and had a good taste"

JaniceBaer User ID: 1723673 181039
Reviewed Mar. 17, 2014

"This was very good! Loved the mix of the pretzels and maple."

gingerriss User ID: 4959883 115064
Reviewed Sep. 12, 2012

"wonderful. i am sorry i waited so long to make it. had a super great flavor not to overpowering."

vieux User ID: 4712790 176280
Reviewed Mar. 20, 2012

"@ howeavenue. There is definitely one and possibly 2 reasons why your fried chicken isn't crunchy like KFC. First and foremost is that I'm sure you don't own and use a pressure fryer such as they do. The other possible reason is that you fry the chicken immediately after coating. Try putting the coated chicken on a plate. cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for an hour before frying. BTW the idea of egg and honey mustard is a keeper. Tried it and it is excellent"

joeychick User ID: 4388747 121935
Reviewed Jan. 11, 2012

"quick & easy and flavorful. I've made it twice now, and I prefer a more coarse pretzel coating vs. a finely chopped pretzel breading. I also dredged the chicken through both the egg bath and the pretzels twice, just to give it extra coating & flavor. The breasts came out juicy both times. I'll make it again for a quick meal."

LauraLiz User ID: 6127551 189994
Reviewed Nov. 25, 2011

"Tastes kind of funky."

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