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Terrene User ID: 9466254 287976
Reviewed May. 19, 2018

"I did this time 2 1/2 the amount. It did take over 2 hours to cook but it was well worth the wait. I didn't use the Hollandaise sauce I used a package. International Hollandaise and it was very good on the casserole."

Morgan User ID: 9427150 284019
Reviewed Feb. 20, 2018

"So, I just made this for a work breakfast, but it got cancelled and pushed to tomorrow. Does anyone have insight on if this could be refrigerated for a day and then reheated tomorrow morning? I just finished baking it before I got the text about rescheduling. Thanks!"

KristineChayes User ID: 1441542 279628
Reviewed Dec. 22, 2017

"I've made this casserole several times over the past years since my younger son loves Eggs Benedict. This recipe is excellent, fast and delicious, and the homemade Hollandaise sauce is great. I will be making this again for Christmas breakfast in a few days. Thank you for a real winner!"

_nlfPA User ID: 1879224 274436
Reviewed Sep. 24, 2017

"This is delicious. My daughter in law and I love Eggs Benedict and this is a quick way to make it."

Ruthlessma User ID: 2614711 240268
Reviewed Dec. 26, 2015

"Morning after Christmas dish. I used ham in place of Can. bacon. Used sour dough bread in place of English Muffins, baked 1 hr., then uncovered & added 30 min. The center came out clean although texture was too soft for me. Made my own Mock Hollandaise which includes Monterey Jack cheese for the texture.

Nummy nummy..........a do-over for sure."

cwalbrun19 User ID: 8667628 239688
Reviewed Dec. 18, 2015

"I also made this for Christmas morning last year and will be making it again this year. It was a hit with my whole family. I do think I'm going to add some things this year though...I'm thinking asparagus and tomatoes...maybe spinach instead of asparagus. A breakfast place we like has benedicts with those items, so I know they will go and, for me, I really like veggies and color in my breakfast bake. I used instant hollandaise...I'll do that again. I'm sure homemade is better but I've made hollandaise before and thought it was a pain in the rump."

dietrichson6 User ID: 7342739 237372
Reviewed Nov. 15, 2015

"This was very good. However I think I've had other egg casseroles I like just as much. If I want eggs benedict taste, I think I'd prefer real eggs benedict."

LindaFS User ID: 7726166 226510
Reviewed May. 18, 2015

"This was very quick to assemble and I always appreciate brunch recipes that you can make the night before. However, I didn't care for the taste or texture of this dish. The texture was quite mushy - like bread pudding. Maybe toasting the muffins first would have helped like others have suggested. The flavour was quite bland, I would definitely suggest adding something other than just onion powder to the eggs - salt and pepper for sure.. I made my own recipe for hollandaise so can't comment on the one for this recipe. Unfortunately I won't be keeping the leftovers."

MY REVIEW User ID: 1202636 223763
Reviewed Mar. 29, 2015

"Very easy and quick to prepare. Nice flavor. I also used the packaged hollandaise sauce. Next time, I'll try making my own."

Danielleccl User ID: 1215236 223104
Reviewed Mar. 19, 2015

"In Canada we call Canadian bacon "ham". LOL"

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