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Edwin User ID: 9478352 290264
Reviewed Jun. 19, 2018

"Making this for the second time tonight, i use king Arthur flours chicken pot pie crust recipe along with this recipe and the results are simply fantastic, substituted onion salt, heavy cream and celery and mushrooms no potatoes, also used 4 bouillon cubes, just awesome."

Caryn User ID: 9475350 289877
Reviewed Jun. 9, 2018

"Best ever pot pie!! We added garlic to the onions and rosemary and parley to the spices. Moisture and texture were a concern, but it was perfect. We all loved it!"

John User ID: 9467660 288198
Reviewed May. 25, 2018

"Awesome flavor and relatively easy to make. I added 2 stalks of celery and omitted the boiling of the carrots and potatoes as I had diced them fairly small. When I make again I will boil the carrots and celery as they were still a little crunchy, but red potatoes were perfect as is. As a personal preference the gravy made with the flour was a bit too thick and I think I would cut the flour in half next time to make it a little easier to fill in the gaps for the pie."

Tony User ID: 9466437 288000
Reviewed May. 20, 2018

"This recipe is probably one of the best pot pie recipes I’ve eaten! Very filling!"

littlemimi User ID: 8784194 287957
Reviewed May. 18, 2018

"Thank you, Regi M, for your review. So glad you took the time to give such helpful information AND share the knowledge that you have acquired from your experience."

Regi M User ID: 4585753 287245
Reviewed Apr. 29, 2018

"I am a young senior and a well seasoned cook and baker - pun intended! I know there will be some who will start clucking under their breaths when I say I haven't made this exact recipe, but is is very close to one my mother, who was a fabulous cook, taught me years ago. I read a lot of the reviews, because there are so many, and I want to make comments based on what I read and my level of experience. Because there are so many who commented on there being too much thyme in this recipe I would suggest that if you do not use thyme regularly that you add the amount suggested in increments. If you're not use to more heavily spiced foods start off with a quarter of a teaspoon - then sample it. Not enough, add another quarter of a teaspoon and sample it again. If you like that amount you don't need to add the full teaspoon. Flavours become more pronounced as they cook and have time to combine with other ingredients. Spicing is a very personal thing and so you should always try a bit if you are concerned there is too much of anything. You will not get zapped by lightening if you adjust the seasonings to your own personal preferences. AND - it does not mean the recipe is not great. The person who submitted the recipe likes the seasoning - based on her family's taste buds but it doesn't mean it can't be adjusted to your own! The same goes for any other recipe. Have some teaspoons ready to sample recipes as you go. Personalize to your heart's content! It really irritates me when people comment about throwing food out because they don't know how to make it more palatable. I do have to remind myself though that not everyone had a mother like mine or had Home Economics classes in high school - though they didn't teach me much I hadn't learned at home. Cooking and baking can be so much fun and life is too short to get so caught up on minor issues. Remember - add a pinch or so, sample and add more till it is to your taste. baking has to be a more precise exercise because there has to be an exact ratio of rising agent (as an example) to other dry ingredients and liquids used. Again, flavouring is a very personal matter. I would like to thank Karen Johnson for submitting this recipe that makes this potpie from scratch, with no condensed soup and artificial flavours! To quote from a book called Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, I read in my early 20's "Knowledge is communicable, wisdom is not." One of my Mom's favourites: " We get too soon old and too late smart!""

laneyhod User ID: 1286844 287124
Reviewed Apr. 26, 2018

"Best pot pie recipe I've ever found! We don't care for thyme so left that out and still wonderful!"

Arete User ID: 7010263 286871
Reviewed Apr. 19, 2018

"This is the quintessential pot pie. The flavors are spot on. This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you."

MY REVIEW User ID: 6543294 286198
Reviewed Apr. 6, 2018


You do not need to look for another pot pie recipe.This is it!"

Ellen User ID: 9446816 286175
Reviewed Apr. 5, 2018

"I was really excited about this, but after spending much time on it, I was disappointed as it seemed bland except for the fact that there was way too much of a thyme taste. Next time, I'll cut the thyme and add other seasonings."

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