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newsies1899 User ID: 3654527 271513
Reviewed Aug. 8, 2017

"I can't believe how fast these came together. I have very little bread making experience, and these were amazing! Love them! Will definitely make them again."

Marlin User ID: 4947582 269007
Reviewed Jul. 5, 2017

"I made these this morning exactly as directed, though I was a little skeptical about the 2T of yeast. The flavor and texture are perfect! They are a great size for a sandwich, but a little small for most hamburger patties. This recipe has just become my favorite! And, yes, 40 minutes was pretty much right on the money!"

L User ID: 9169544 266046
Reviewed May. 16, 2017

"Love this recipe! so soft, quick, and easy! perfect for a time pinch."

Lee User ID: 9132487 264416
Reviewed Apr. 7, 2017

"Not a review but a question - can anyone tell me if this recipe can be halved successfully? I don't need that many rolls and don't want to freeze them. Thanks!"

Keith User ID: 9087182 261638
Reviewed Feb. 21, 2017

"5 stars for result 3 1/2 stars for recipe as written. I made this yesterday and it was excellent. However the written details need to be updated. As many have pointed out the size if making 12 will be too small. I made 8 and they were perfect for burgers. Also I did shape them between a ball as written and an actual bun. Also as suggested I let them proof on the baking sheet in a just warm oven for about 25 minutes. Used the ingredients exactly as stated. For me and my flour the 3 1/2 cups of flour was perfect. Cook time at 425 was 12 minutes. Yummy tasting. About the same density as bakery buns but they are more dense than the junk 99c 8 pack you buy in the bread isle of the supermarket. Thats a good thing!!"

Bob User ID: 8972538 257073
Reviewed Nov. 21, 2016



Reese User ID: 8972101 257040
Reviewed Nov. 20, 2016

"I first made this recipe a few months ago. The first batch hung around and the last two buns ended up getting mouldy. It was mid summer and hot and steamy! Ever since then, I make them at least once a week and haven't lost one since! They are perfect for hamburger buns, and garlic bread rolls, or just for a snack.

My son loves to spread butter and brown sugar on them, stick them in the "nukerator" for a minute to let it all warm up and melt together inside and he eats them for lunch and midnight snacks. I recently considered doubling up the recipe but then realized... They are so easy to fix... barely more than half an hour... why bother doubling up when they are so easy, they practically make themselves!
Heck! If I get off work at four thirty, get home by five, I can start to work on the buns beforef I start on the rest of dinner and I can serve fresh rolls with dinner that night! They are definitely a staple in my kitchen!"

ZiaMtz User ID: 8937860 254419
Reviewed Sep. 21, 2016

"Hi, has anyone tried halving the recipe? Was it still successful? Thank you."

Uhmanda6 User ID: 8928540 253769
Reviewed Sep. 6, 2016

"I followed the recipe and did not like these at all. They were very heavy, dry on the outside and seemed almost undercooked inside. And the flavor was not good. Also if you make 12 they will be very small. I made 8 and they were almost the right size"

duckmichelle User ID: 7095674 253378
Reviewed Aug. 30, 2016

"Is this really 2 tablespoons of yeast or 2 teaspoons?"

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