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650sw55ave User ID: 8374021 263809
Reviewed Mar. 23, 2017

"our mission feeds about 10 - 15 volunteers at the end of the work day. everyone ate the pizza and the only leftovers was a slow cooker liner."

mtjohnson025 User ID: 8192668 242034
Reviewed Jan. 18, 2016

"This was my first time trying this recipe and I was looking for something to take to a potluck. It was a huge hit. The crockpot was licked clean. Excellent flavor - great hit with the kids and a great recipe for a hearty hot meal during the cold weather."

melody_stino User ID: 5562419 238363
Reviewed Nov. 29, 2015

"I've made this several times and it's always a hit. I'm making it tonight for dinner and trying whole grain pasta and ground turkey. I hope the kids don't notice. LOL"

Eellin User ID: 7427283 89974
Reviewed Sep. 22, 2014

"Love this recipe, easy and makes great leftovers."

JulieS211 User ID: 5434916 84430
Reviewed Jul. 2, 2014

"I am the original contributor of this recipe, and I thought I should make a comment to clarify a few things. When I was first tried this recipe in the late '80s, a jar of spaghetti sauce was 30 or 32 oz (& I always got the 32 oz). Now the standard jar is 23-26 oz, so there is around 8 oz of liquid gone from the recipe. I now add either an 8 oz. can of tomato sauce and a little extra Italian seasoning, or 8 oz. of pizza sauce to compensate for the decrease. Also, 16 oz. of noodles (or pasta as I actually submitted for the recipe) is way too much. I generally cook 8 - 10 oz of broken lasagna noodles or bowtie pasta, and just use what makes for nice layers. And just like pizza, you can add more "toppings" or take away for your tastes."

nadinas User ID: 4279916 75550
Reviewed May. 5, 2014

"I left out the mushrooms as we do not like them and increased the pepperoni to a 7 oz package and also increased the amounts of cheeses added. I'm not fond of the cheddar in this. Noodles did get a bit dry on top and there was not enough sauce. Because of the amount of noodles (12 oz egg noodles) I had to use, I used my 7-qt crock-pot and it BARELY fits everything.

Next time I make this I am using only white cheeses. The cheddar made it taste sour! I will also be adding more sauce to it! I will use my edited version over the original. I also think I will reduce the amount of noodles by half!"

deannasnz User ID: 6542477 89973
Reviewed Feb. 20, 2013

"Just plain pasta casserole. I like the convenience of making it ahead."

pettymama User ID: 1026286 29697
Reviewed Jan. 18, 2012

"This was very easy and really good. I only used 2 cups of Mozzarella and 2 cups of Cheddar to cut down on calories and it saved me from having cheese leftover since I couldn't find any that came in 3 cup pkgs."

cupits5 User ID: 2789526 70831
Reviewed Sep. 5, 2011

"Looking for any kind of crock pot recipes that have been tried and are good! This is one I plan to make this week...will serve bread sticks and garden salad with it."

[email protected] User ID: 5184423 89971
Reviewed Sep. 5, 2011

"It makes enough for leftovers and they heat up nicely and taste as good the second time around. Also I have started using it as a potluck dish."

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