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10 Wonderful Things Wegmans Employees Want You to Know

See what makes Wegmans the best place to work—and grocery shop!

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It’s an Amazing Place to Work

In 2017, Wegmans was #2 on Fortune‘s 100 Best Companies to Work For. The chain has been on the list every year since 1998 and even took the #1 spot in 2005. A large part of the ranking is an employee survey, which suggests that Wegmans employees have good things to say!

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We Like to Have Fun

On the company’s Instagram, you’ll see happy Wegmans employees doing customer demos and making fresh food. (They recently posted a Corn & Bean Salad—here’s a recipe to make your own.) Each photo has excited comments from co-workers—these people are happy at work!

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We’re Family Owned

Wegmans has been a family-owned company since it was founded by John Wegman in 1916. The company was run by his son, Robert Wegman for 50+ years, and is now led by Robert’s son Danny R. Wegman and daughter, Colleen Wegman.

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We Have All the Cheeses

The Wegmans cheese department boasts hundreds of cheeses in each store and no less than 30 varieties of organic cheeses. Beyond the amazing selection, each store’s staff is trained on building cheese platters and pairing wines to cheeses.

(You don’t have to be a Wegmans employee to build a killer cheese tray—here’s our guide.)

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We Can Earn Scholarships

Wegmans has excellent benefits, including a strong employee scholarship program. The chain has awarded $110 million in scholarships to more than 35,000 employees since the program began in 1984.

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We Don’t Just Have Flowers, We Have Florists

There is a large variety of flowers at each store, and when you’re looking for something custom, Wegmans has you covered! A pro florist will help you build a bouquet and even order special flowers when you’re hosting a big event. (Psst: Here are our favorite things to do with a bunch of grocery store carnations.)

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It’s Not Easy to Get a Job Here

According to Business Insider, landing a job at Wegmans is harder than getting into Harvard.

More than 10,000 people applied for 500 jobs during the opening of a Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, location. That’s only a 5% acceptance rate compared to Harvard’s 5.8%.

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Customers Always Come First

In 2017, 11,000 people wrote the company to say how much they like shopping at Wegmans or appreciate the way Wegmans employees treat them.

(It’s no surprise that Wegmans was ranked one of the top grocery stores in America. Here’s the whole list!)

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We May Be Coming to Your Town

In 2017, more than 7,300 people asked Wegmans for a store in their community. The chain is expanding, and will soon open locations in New York City and the Washington, D.C., area.

If Wegmans is coming to your neighborhood, be sure to check out the perks every Wegmans shopper should know!

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We Have a Farm

The Wegmans Organic Farm in Canandaigua, New York, started in 2007 to learn and share organic growing practices.

(We’re still working on our kitchen herb garden!)

Mandy Naglich
Mandy is a food and beverage writer with bylines at WNYC, Munchies, Mic and October. She's a Certified Cicerone and award-winning homebrewer living, writing and cooking in New York City.

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