20 Women-Owned Food Brands You Need to Know

Updated: Aug. 22, 2022

From dessert hummus to tasty chutneys and sparkling canned cocktails, these women-owned brands are changing the grocery game.

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Delighted By

Hummus is not just something to dip veggies in and Delighted By is here to prove that one brownie batter dessert hummus at a time. Makenzie Marzluff is, aptly, delighted by life, and she wants to sprinkle that joy into the food industry. Sure, the products being made are organic and made from ethically sourced ingredients, but they’re also made in a facility filled with art, dance and music—you might be in the mood to dance after one bite of their chocolate chip blondies.

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Seemore’s Meats and Veggies

It might sound counterintuitive, but Seemore’s is a sausage shop that advocates for eating less meat. Like many of the other women owned brands here, Seemore’s is committed to having a positive impact on the environment. Founder and fourth generation butcher Cara Nicoletti modeled a business that focuses on humanely raised meat and carbon neutral-processing. The result? A menu full of fun, fresh meats and veggies mixed into sausages, like chili chicken verde and loaded baked potato. Cara’s creations would pair perfectly with these chicken sausage recipes.

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If you’re still searching for a healthy baked snack to add to your kid’s lunch box but haven’t found any that meet their allergy needs, consider your quest over. Denise Woodard created Partake so that her daughter could enjoy yummy snacks despite her food allergies. At Partake, you’ll find cookies, brownie mixes and pancake and waffle mixes that are free from the top nine allergens like peanuts, dairy, soy and artificial flavoring.

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McBride Sisters

Ready to branch away from your go-to labels? The McBride Sisters Collection offers all the white, rosé and red wines your palette desires in single serving cans or bottles you can enjoy on your next night out. Robin and Andréa are paying homage to their culture with their Black Girl Magic collection and supporting other women leaders through their SHE CAN fund. Order the McBride Certified tasting pack and follow along with these sommelier-approved wine tasting tips.

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Rae’s Roots

Women-owned brands rock in general, but when a mom launches a company to help fellow moms, that is a thing of beauty. Joanna Linton knows all too well the importance of a mom’s wellbeing. Her own difficult postpartum period led her on a journey back to her Chinese roots where she tapped into the power of adaptogens to help ease stress. Rae’s Roots is the result of this journey; it’s a collection of soothing teas for moms in any stage of motherhood.

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Wild Ophelia

Chocolate with a side of women empowerment, anyone? Wild Ophelia, an offshoot of Vosges Haut Chocolat (a shop that lets you tour the world through chocolate flavors), supports and encourages female entrepreneurs. Wild Ophelia’s founder Katrina Markoff is committed to empowering women who have the same dreams she had: To tell her story and live her passions by creating her own company.

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Fusion Jerky

Calling all savory snack lovers—we’ve found the jerky for you: rosemary citrus, chipotle lime, garlic jalapeno. Need we say more? KaiYen Mai came up with the idea for Fusion Jerky after she summited Mt. Kilimanjaro. She wanted to create a flavorful meat that had no preservatives and was low in sodium. With 50 years of family recipes in the books and a passion for handcrafted, natural jerky, KaiYen opened her own processing facility to make inspiration a reality.

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Golde is one of those women owned brands that offers a little bit of beauty, a little bit of wellness and a whole lot of immune-boosting fun. Co-founders Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori developed Golde’s first product in 2017—their original turmeric latte blend. Since then, the brand has been making self-care accessible and uncomplicated with their greens and papaya face masks, matcha turmeric superfood blends and coconut collagen booster. While you wait for your order to get here, try your own homemade beauty recipes.

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Miyoko’s Creamery

If you’re the queen (or king) of making the best cheese boards ever, then you’re probably always looking for different cheeses to switch things up. Look no further than Miyoko’s Creamery. Inspired by French gourmet cheeses, animal welfare and her own vegan experience, Miyoko Schinner’s plant-based cheeses definitely deserve a spot on your next charcuterie spread.

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Daily Harvest

Eating the rainbow is the best way to get vital nutrients in, but sometimes that’s hard when you’re on the go or (let’s be real) you’re not in the mood to snack on broccoli. And that’s exactly why Rachel Drori began Daily Harvest. Healthful food options don’t have to be inconvenient; that’s the reason Daily Harvest meals are frozen. The food is ready for you when you want it, and because the food is preserved through freezing, the nutrients aren’t sacrificed.

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Some condiments have a long shelf life, but you probably won’t need to worry about an expiration date with Maazah’s chutneys and aiolis. After all, you can put chutney on…nearly everything. The Sajady sisters were inspired by the “magic green sauce” their mom made when they were kids, and thus, Maazah was born. Six ingredients keep this condiment simple yet tasty enough to top on burgers, kabobs and avocado toast.

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Noosa Yoghurt

Australia native Koel Thomae brought her favorite yogurt recipe to the U.S. in 2007, teamed up with fourth-generation dairy farmer Rob Graves and, together, they created Noosa. Every batch of yogurt gets tested 36 times—how’s that for quality assurance? Deliciousness aside, the Noosa team puts environmental safety at the top of their value system. They’re even looking out for their tiniest employees—the millions of honeybees working tirelessly to produce the honey that makes Noosa so irresistible.

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Not only are Larabars super convenient, but these healthy sweet snacks are also made with wholesome, basic ingredients. Founder Lara Merriken wanted to keep things simple when she created the first Larabar in 2000 using a Cuisinart and a rolling pin. Over 20 years later, the fruit and nut bars have stayed true to their beginnings. Each bar contains between two to nine ingredients that will energize you for the adventure ahead.

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Two Chicks

The best memories are often made around the table, but sometimes, the even better memories are made laughing over cocktails. At least that’s why Two Chicks came about. Meghan Hanna founded the company to create connections. These gluten-free sparkling cocktails are meant to be enjoyed when sharing dreams, laughs, achievements and life’s simple joys. The best part is that you don’t even need a cocktail shaker; these canned libations are ready to drink.

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Mason Dixie

Comfort food doesn’t have to mean you’re cutting out quality. At least that’s how Ayeshah Abuelhiga views things. She founded Mason Dixie to prove that not all homestyle cooking uses processed ingredients and harmful chemicals. Mason Dixie’s lineup is full of from-scratch, made in the USA, preservative-free baked goods—yeah, we’re talking flaky buttermilk biscuits and iced cinnamon rolls.

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Malai is not your typical iconic ice cream, and that’s what we love about it. Inspired by the culture and flavors of India, Pooja Bavishi decided to add spices like cardamom, ginger and nutmeg to the neutral base of ice cream. This experimenting led to the creamy, eggless and flavorful pints of Malai (which translates to cream of the crop—fitting, eh?).

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Sometimes, all it takes is a food processor and a mission to create something new. NuttZo founder Danielle LiVolsi had both when she made her first batch of nut and seed butter. Needing to find something nutrient dense and protein packed for her picky-eater sons, Danielle decided to do it herself. Today, that entrepreneurial gumption is what keeps NuttZo going as a nut and seed butter brand that doesn’t use added sugars or oils and offers allergen-friendly options.

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Eat Me Guilt Free

Founder Cristie Besu, a registered nurse and certified sports nutritionist, started Eat Me Guilt Free in her kitchen so that she could provide her clients with feel-good food that met their dietary needs. Now, nearly one decade and 30 more teammates later, the brand has a whole product line of your favorite treats minus the refined sugars and other additives typically found in brownies, breads and tortillas.

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Old Salt Merchants

The Old Salt Merchants offers a treasure chest of responsibly sourced salts, spices, sugars and teas. Monique Rodriguez is the founder of this California based provisions company which is on a mission to bring bold flavors to customers’ cooking. Bump up your steak seasoning game with sriracha sea salt or put a twist on classic cookie recipes by sprinkling in some dark cocoa sugar.

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Cowgirl Creamery

Supporting women owned brands is great, but supporting cowgirl owned brands is grater. OK, cheesy jokes aside, one hippie trip to California, years of work in famous kitchens and a wholesale distribution business is what it took to get Cowgirl Creamery up and running. Founders Sue Conley and Peggy Smith had been friends for a long time before they started making cheese together. Now their party spread-worthy cheese is sold in farmers markets, at local restaurants and at Whole Foods Markets.

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