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What Your Favorite Frozen Treat Says About You

Are you sugary sweet or a little nutty? Do you pile on the toppings, or take things as they are? Your favorite frozen treat says *a lot* about you.

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Red White and Blue Popsicles in a Bowl of Ice to Keep them Cool for Serving to your BBQ Guests;P Maxwell Photography/Shutterstock

Rocket Pop

No one embraces their inner child like you. You’re an explosion of energy, and you’ll show off your blue and red tongue to anyone who pays attention. Your friends love your enthusiasm, but you can be a little hard-headed and sometimes have a difficult time owning up to your mistakes. These are the best foods according to your astrological sign.

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Homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches against a rustic wood backgroundJeniFoto/Shutterstock

Ice Cream Sandwich

Nothing says commitment like ordering an ice cream sandwich. You’ve never been afraid to roll up your sleeves and throw yourself into the fray. Your ambition makes you incredibly successful, but you also have a tendency to take on more than you can handle. Buy our team’s favorite ice cream sandwich and you’ll be on the right track.

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A hand holding a chocolate vanilla twist ice cream in a waffle cone.georgejpatt/Shutterstock

Twist Cone

Ever the diplomat, you see both sides of every argument. You have difficulty making choices, but no trouble at all making friends. Some people might say you’re two-sided, but you prefer the term “socially adaptable.” If you’re shouting “It’s a SWIRL cone!!!” at your screen, you need to check out this list of food names by region.

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Ice Cream Bar

Dilly bar or chocolate coated, candy bar-themed or straight up classic, nothing says “I love to organize my kitchen cabinets on a Friday night” like an ice cream bar. You’re pragmatic and cool-headed in a crisis, but you can be a bit of a traditionalist and it’s hard for you to break out of your shell.

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Sweet Homemade Banana Split Sundae with Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Ice CreamBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Banana Split

If your friends could summarize you in one word, it would be “deluxe” (like these split-inspired recipes). You know what you like and you know how to treat yourself—the more extravagantly, the better. You can sometimes be a little prideful and judgmental, but your friends know that you’ll always be in their corner when things get rough.

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Homemade popsicles with berries and fruits, top view.Tatiana Bralnina/Shutterstock

All-Natural Fruit Popsicle (Probably Homemade)

Above all, you strive for balance and serenity in your life. You’re always trying the latest health craze, and you make the best smoothies. A social butterfly, you can be a little flaky—you can’t help that you’re so popular. One of these DIY ice pops is bound to be your favorite. Make ’em in one of these popsicle molds.

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Assorted type of Kit Kat ice cream produced by Nestle inside freezer display at grocery store pictured on Feb 27, 2018.Lano Lan/Shutterstock


You, my dear, are a power player! You prefer a frozen treat that fights back, and you also probably like a Drumstick because it looks a little like a weapon. You may be a little hot-headed, and people might be a little scared of you, but you’re also the most loyal friend anyone could ever ask for. (Power people need power foods.)

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Composition with delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream and ice cubes on wooden tableAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Ice Cream…in a Dish

Some might knock you for your simple preferences, but you don’t need extravagant things to have a good time! (Bonus points if the ice cream’s homemade.) You also really, really detest a mess. Your friends love you because you throw the coziest, most delightful dinner parties—but you can bet there’s a passive-aggressive sign reminding people to take their shoes off.

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Taste of Home


You’re a bit of a nut, but you’ve never been very interested in blending in. You have a great sense of self, and other people’s opinions slide right off of you. You love dreaming big and have a penchant for the unusual. The phrase “this is boring” has never been uttered in your presence. No judgment, but if you like Fudgsicles you’re also probably the person buying these weird foods on Amazon.

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Raspberry SorbetTaste of Home


You have a taste for the finer things in life. While this makes you a great person to ask for restaurant recommendations, your wallet definitely suffers. Your friends might roll their eyes when you say you need to “stop spending money” because they know you’ll be dragging them to the swanky new spot in town a few hours later. Give your limping bank account a break with these refreshing, totally homemade sherbet and sorbet recipes.

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Delicious milkshakes on wooden backgroundAfrica Studio/Shutterstock


You are a multi-tasking hurricane of activity. It’s a good thing milkshakes usually come with tops and straws, because you’re probably trying to ingest it while simultaneously driving a stick-shift car and shuffling through your playlist without taking your eyes off the road. You get impatient when people can’t keep up, and your friends develop whiplash trying to keep track of your latest obsession. But, you’re the life of the party, and you’ll always grab an extra straw so your friend can share some of your shake. Here’s the best milkshake spot near you!

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A bunch of orange creamsicle treats on a galvanized tray.Aimee M Lee/Shutterstock


Hard on the outside, soft on the inside (kind of like this Creamsicle fudge), you are a sensitive soul with a lot of flair. You’re a trend-watcher, with just a slight tendency towards the gaudy and ostentatious. A hopeless romantic, you sometimes have trouble digging yourself out of daydreams. Your friends know they can come to you with their own heartaches—you’re a great listener with a compassionate heart.

Maggie Ward
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