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17 Amazing Alternative Uses for Cooking Spray

If you're only using cooking spray to prep your pans, you're missing out on the wonders of this multi-tasking kitchen essential. Check out all the creative ways to use cooking spray!

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Spraying oilHurst Photo/Shutterstock

Invented in the late 1950s, cooking spray is today’s go-to for stopping food from sticking to skillets, griddles and pots. But only using it to prep your pans is so last century. Check out all these amazing alternative uses for cooking spray!

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Roasted veggies on a baking sheetTaste of Home

Boost the flavor of your roasted veggies

Before you roast vegetables, spray them. The oil helps herbs adhere—and that means more zest on your zucchini.

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Volumetric measuring cup; Shutterstock ID 188866007wanphen chawarung/Shutterstock

Measure sticky ingredients in a snap

The trick to getting out every last drop of measured honey? Coat your measuring cup with oil before you pour in the honey (or other sticky ingredients like syrup). The oil will help every last drop slide out.

Now that the sticky stuff is out of the way, learn how to measure the rest of your essentials.

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grated butter and grater on wooden boardJoerg Beuge/Shutterstock

Guarantee a cleaner grater

Admit it, the last time your cheese grater appeared completely spotless was the day you brought it home. Next time a recipe calls for shredded cheddar or lemon zest, start by spraying your grater to make cleanup a breeze.

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Person putting green beans into plastic containerBravissimoS/Shutterstock

Prevent stains in plastic food containers

If leftover Bolognese has you seeing red, try a little cooking spray on the inside of your plastic container.

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Man spraying oil on bikeSimon Kadula/Shutterstock

Silence squeaks

Spritz squeaky hinges and bicycle chains, then enjoy the sound of silence! Who needs WD-40?

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Person slicing mushroomLiv friis-larsen/Shutterstock

Simplify slicing

Chopping can be a chore when ingredients stick to your knife. Use cooking spray on your blade before you tackle your next chop-heavy meal.

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Homemade Rosemary Herb and Cheese Popcorn in a BowlBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Realize popcorn perfection

When you’re making popcorn on the stove, use cooking spray to achieve an all-over buttery taste.

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Putting key in lockOzCameraman/Shutterstock

Loosen a lock

Having a hard time inserting or turning a key? A little squirt of cooking spray on the key will do the trick.

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Person wiping cloth on carTruengtra Paejai/Shutterstock

Get rid of bug grunge

Cooking spray makes it easier to remove squashed bugs and grime from your car’s headlights.

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Person wiping shower headbrizmaker/Shutterstock

Brighten your bathroom

Rub a small amount of cooking spray on your faucets, your counters and even your shower to remove soap scum and make everything shine. A cleaning shortcut like this will give you more time for perfecting your dinner party plan.

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Boiling waterffolas/Shutterstock

Stop boiling water from bubbling over

Whether it’s smashed potatoes or pasta on the menu, begin by applying cooking spray to the inside of your pot. If the boiling water starts to get too high, spray a little more on the surface of the water.

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Putting plastic wrap over a bowl with dough insideleungchopan/Shutterstock

Protect your bread

Spray the plastic wrap that you place over rising bread with cooking oil to keep the wrap from sticking to the dough and causing your bread and rolls to become misshapen.

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FreezerNattapon B/Shutterstock

Defrost like a boss

If you find yourself defrosting your freezer frequently, try spraying the clean walls of your freezer with cooking oil to prevent frosty build-up. A clean freezer is a happy freezer. Well, a happy freezer is one filled with our favorite freezer meals.

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Little girl and boy enjoy a sleigh ride.FamVeld/Shutterstock

Supercharge sleds

Gloves, hat, snow pants and cooking spray—nearly all you need for your next sledding adventure. But a few sprays on the bottom of your sled will ensure a speedy descent.

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Brushing hairVoyagerix/Shutterstock

Save your mane

You’ve probably heard that peanut butter can help remove gum from hair. But why waste the key ingredient for an amazing PB pie when you could use cooking spray instead?

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Cooking spray on nailsTaste of Home

Make your pedicure look professional

When you’re done doing your nails, use cooking spray to set the polish and make your nails look glossy and bright!

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Fishing pole and tackleARENA Creative/Shutterstock

Cast away!

You’ll want to add a can of cooking spray to your tackle box when you discover how much easier you can cast your line with a well-oiled fishing line! And once you’re home with the catch of the day, try one of our favorite fish fry recipes.

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