14 Foods Trisha Yearwood Loves to Cook (and Eat!)

The country music star, cooking show host and cookbook author LOVES comfort food!

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country singer Trisha Yearwood in Nashville, Tenn.
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Though she is most well-known for her singing voice, Trisha Yearwood is also a great cook! Here are 14 of her favorite foods, from family recipes to date night delights.

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Citrus Desserts

Ms. Yearwood is a fan of citrus treats, especially lemon meringue pie. Her dad’s recipe is number one on her list, but the Southern lady would surely love our buttermilk version (or any of these lemon desserts).
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Cornbread Casserole

Many of Trisha’s favorite dishes just so happen to be comfort foods, and cornbread chili casserole is one tasty example. Check out all our top picks for Southern comfort food!
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Veggie Burgers

Trisha has said that you don’t have to eat meat at every meal and she loves a good veggie burger. Though her favorite is a sweet potato burger, she’d probably enjoy this protein-packed bean burger, too.
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Mashed Potatoes

The only thing better than comfort food is simple comfort food, and that’s why Trisha loves mashed potatoes! Use our tips for making the best mashed potatoes ever.
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Chicken Fettuccine

Trisha considers pasta to be ideal for a romantic meal, and she often makes fettuccine Alfredo for her date night with her husband, Garth Brooks. If this sounds tasty, try our favorite cowboy lasagna recipe.
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Brunswick Stew

Trisha’s dad, Jack, used to make a famous Brunswick stew that she still raves about. This hearty Southern classic is one of her family’s traditions, and we hope they’d all love our recipe, too!
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Christmas Cookies

Cookie swaps are the perfect reason to get together during Christmas, and Trisha loves to host them. We agree with her–edible gifts are best! (Read our tips for hosting an unforgettable cookie swap, too.)
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Cornbread Dressing

Lots of families save their finest foods for holiday meals, and Trisha likes to break out her grandmother’s recipe for cornbread dressing at Thanksgiving. You could start the same tradition using our recipe!

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Potato Salad

The first dish Trisha can remember making is potato salad. That’s a good place to start–no Southern potluck is complete without it!
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Nut Brittle

Ms. Yearwood is generous with her gifts, and one of her go-to kitchen creations is peanut brittle. How lucky are the recipients of this thoughtful gift?
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Mushroom Risotto

It’s not all Southern food all the time for Trisha; she loves a creamy mushroom risotto, too!
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French Fries

Her “splurge food” follows the trend of loving potatoes in any form! French fries are Trisha’s go-to salty snack when she wants something slightly sinful.
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Macaroni and Cheese

Many people would name macaroni and cheese as their favorite comfort food, and Trisha is one of them! (Johnny Cash loves it, too.) She prefers the hands-off slow cooker method.
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Turtle Candy

The country star loves her four-ingredient slow cooker turtle candy–it’s as easy as it is decadent. (Trisha’s Crockpot must never get dusty!)

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