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9 Offbeat and Amazing Foods to Buy at TJ Maxx

Go to TJ Maxx for the designer duds on a budget—leave with tons of gourmet goodies.

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Finding foodstuff in your favorite clothing store is not a new phenomenon. (Aldi groceries will soon be sold at Kohl’s after all!) But not many retail stores offer a treasure trove of gourmet items like TJ Maxx. The food is typically hidden in a random aisle in the home decor section (check the back of the store) with rarely any order or organization.

From infused olive oil to fancy cake mix, if you want to snag one of these TJ Maxx treats you’ll have to sift through products. Follow along to learn which items are worth digging for.

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coffee beans in transparent packyulana/Shutterstock

Specialty Coffee

Save money by skipping your daily Starbucks run (those $5 lattes add up fast) and brew your cup of joe at home. From cinnamon roll to banana nut bread to plain espresso, TJ Maxx has entire shelves dedicated to bags of beans and flavored syrups. Gather supplies for these coffee shop copycat recipes.

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Top close view of a portion of gluten free corn vegetable radiatore pasta in a white bowl on a wood table top illuminated with natural light.Shutterstock/BW Folsom

Fun Pasta Shapes

Why make plain boring spaghetti when you could make pasta in the shape of fall leaves or hearts? TJ Maxx offers seasonal shaped pasta year-round. Don’t miss the bags of handmade dried pasta, too. (They’re perfect for these 5-star pasta recipes.)

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Pink salt from the HimalayasPhoto: Shutterstock/Quanthem

Gourmet Seasonings

If you like to stock your spice shelf with exotic blends and unique herbs, look no further. You can find everything from bacon spice (!) to classic herbes de provence while rummaging through the food shelves. Before you buy, check out our guide to every type of salt.

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Composition of bottles with oil on wooden background; Shutterstock ID 594527645Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Infused Olive Oil

The specialty oil selection at TJ Maxx is pretty extraordinary. Not only is the array of glass bottles filled with colorful oils and vinegars visually appealing, they all taste delicious and can elevate any meal. Learn why you won’t find the best olive oils in Italy.

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crackers from flax seed, sesame, sunflower and spices on a dark plate, healthy snack; Shutterstock ID 341237888

Specialty Snacks

Those who love to snack (i.e., all of us) drool over the bags of salty, midnight craving-worthy munchies like peanut butter pretzels, habanero salsa and asiago three seed crackers. While you’re at it, check out these munch-worthy homemade snack recipes.

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Caramel popcorn in a paper bag on gray background. A place for a label; Shutterstock ID 666628090; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): TOH

Gourmet Popcorn

The variety of popcorn at TJ Maxx is its own separate category from the other snacks. We never knew we needed lime fresco or black truffle popcorn on movie night until now. Try these super-delish flavored popcorn recipes at home.

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mixing a cake doughAndrei Salavei / Shutterstock

Designer Cake Mix

Yep, baking mixes can be designer, too. Find the specialty brands like Martha Stewart and XO Baking Co. They’re so decadent, they taste (almost) as good as homemade. Have you ever wondered which cake mix tastes best? We tried the most popular brands and there was a clear winner.

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Mockup paper bag with Chia seeds and wooden spoon on white wooden table.Olha Kozachenko / Shutterstock

Specialty Health Foods

Calling all health nuts! TJ Maxx rivals Whole Foods when it comes to its trendy, uber-healthy products. Think hemp seeds, kale chips and chia seed gel. Plus, they offer a lot of organic options for popular foods as well.

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Gourmet assorted truffles hand made by chocolatierGourmet assorted truffles hand made by chocolatier.; Shutterstock ID 130714958

Gourmet Chocolate

Your sweet tooth, satisfied. At least it will be after you walk out of the store. Your bag will be filled with gourmet chocolates, pecan praline cookies and crunchy dark chocolate biscotti.  Got a sweet tooth? Try our most decadent chocolate desserts.

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