The Best Winery in Every State

Updated: Dec. 15, 2023

Vineyards can be the perfect destination, whether you're planning a romantic weekend getaway or a relaxing day trip with friends. From the valleys of California to the hills of North Carolina, here's the best winery in every state.

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Alabama Jules
Instagram / Jules J. Berta Vineyards


Jules J. Berta Vineyards, Albertville

Named Alabama’s Winery of the Year two years in a row, this family-owned vineyard was the first in the state to grow grapes thanks to its high elevation atop Sand Mountain. You’ll want to try their award-winning “Dog at Large,” a sweet blackberry merlot.

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Bear Creek Winery wine
Facebook / Bear Creek Winery


Bear Creek Winery, Homer

$5 is all it costs for a tasting at Bear Creek (and when you buy a bottle, it’s free). After you sample some a glass made from the juicy berries Alaska is known for, enjoy a stay at the vineyard’s charming bed and breakfast overlooking Kachemak Bay.

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Alcantara Vineyards
Instagram / Alcantara Vineyards


Alcantara Vineyards, Cottonwood

The Verde Valley is Arizona’s own wine country, full of must-visit vineyards like Alcantara where you’ll feel as if you’ve landed in the middle of Tuscany. The rustic stucco tasting room is open year-round and serves up reds and whites from the 20 different types of grapes growing on their 87 acres.

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An Enchanting Evening
Facebook / An Enchanting Evening


An Enchanting Evening, Roland

An Enchanting Evening is a luxury cabin-plus-winery outside Little Rock. You can pack a picnic and enjoy the views of Pinnacle Mountain along with a glass or a bottle of wine, or plan to spend a romantic weekend at the gorgeous log cabin.

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Palmaz Vineyards
Facebook / Palmaz Vineyards


Palmaz Vineyards, Napa

Picking one winery in the country’s No. 1 destination for vinophiles is near impossible! But one of the most breathtaking is Palmaz Vineyards, where the stunning 18-story stone wine cave took almost 10 years of hand chiseling to build. Palmaz is now the producer of some of the top Cabernet Sauvignons in the country.

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Ballstreri wine barrels
Instagram / @jacqelane


Balistreri Vineyards, Denver

There’s something special about the white wine you’ll sip at Balistreri: It’s a golden orange hue because of the unique natural way the grapes are fermented, similar to a red wine. Choose a hand-corked bottle from three types of amber-colored white wines: the Colorado Riesling, Colorado Orange Muscat or Colorado Chardonnay.

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Sharpe vineyard
Instagram / @caitlinechild


Sharpe Hill Vineyard, Pomfret

With over 450 international awards for their vino, Sharpe Hill is Connecticut’s most decorated—and largest—vineyard. Don’t leave without a bottle or two of Ballet of Angels, their dry, fruity white that’s been deemed the best-selling wine produced in all of New England.

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Nassau vineyard
Instagram / @_rachelbelle


Nassau Valley Vineyard, Lewes

Nassau Valley is Delaware’s first vineyard (it opened in 1993). They produce 14 different types of wine, from a dry French merlot to a semi-sweet peach ambrosia. Stop in on Sunday when you can walk the vineyard’s farmers market, which is complete with fresh produce, live music and a full sangria bar.

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Close-up of a glass of wine at Lakeridge Winery
Facebook / Lakeridge Winery


Lakeridge Winery, Clermont

Tour the 80 acres of Florida’s famous muscadine vines, sign up for the annual harvest season grape stomp in August or sit for a complimentary tasting at the lodge. Lakeridge also hosts 12 different themed festivals and events on its grounds throughout the year.

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Wolf Mountain Vineyards at sunrise
Instagram / Wolf Mountain Vineyards


Wolf Mountain Vineyards, Dahlonega

Want the “Napa style” tasting experience… without the high costs? Travel to Wolf Mountain where you can sample vino at their four-sided stone and cedar bar next to the cask room and cellar. Or take your Howling Wolf Red (the high altitude is perfect for growing red grapes) out to the open air veranda.

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Two glasses of wine at MauiWine
Instagram / MauiWine


MauiWine, Kula

The only winery in Maui, MauiWine is rich with Hawaiian history as its grounds used to be home to a whaling captain and his sprawling mansion. Wander past the rose bushes that have been there since the 1800s and sip one of the fruity pineapple wines in what used to be the captain’s office.

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Coiled Wines
Instagram / Coiled Wines


Coiled Wines, Garden City

If champagne and white wine had a love affair, the result would be Rizza, the signature sparkling Riesling invented by Coiled owner Leslie Preston. The secret is in the double fermentation process, the same one used traditionally in the Champagne region. Sip a glass at their modern downtown wine bar or in the traditional tasting room.

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Acquaviva Winery
Facebook / Acquaviva Winery


Acquaviva Winery, Maple Park

It doesn’t get more authentically Italian than a slice of pizza with a glass of red! Order from the Neapolitan bistro, then indulge in six samples of Acquaviva’s hand-grown wines at their tasting bar. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot winemaker Sergio Benavides (who studied viticulture at Universidad de Chile) leading a tour through the facility.

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Wine bottle at Acquaviva Winery
Instagram / Acquaviva Winery


Oliver Winery, Bloomington

A glass of crisp refreshing white wine enjoyed in a grassy field overlooking a scenic lake sounds like heaven—and that’s what you’ll experience at Oliver Winery, which has been ranked by Travel + Leisure as one of the top 25 wineries to visit in the whole country.

Pro Tip: Bring your own cheese and crackers for the perfect picnic.

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Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery
Instagram / Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery


Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery, Swisher

Sip on a glass of Iowa’s top-rated wine (off-dry white La Crescent) at Cedar Ridge’s complimentary tastings—all of its vinos are made from locally grown grapes. Liquor lovers will also want to pick up a bottle of the state’s very first bourbon made on-site in the distillery.

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Two wine bottles at Somerset Ridge Vineyard & Winery
Instagram / Somerset Ridge Vineyard & Winery


Somerset Ridge Vineyard & Winery, Paola

Each of the 12 different grape varieties grown on the limestone hills at this Kansas artisanal winery are harvested by hand to produce some of the top quality wines in the area. Bonus: The vineyard is dog-friendly so feel free to bring Fido along!

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Purple Toad sign
Instagram / @jncphotography


Purple Toad Winery, Paducah

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a stop at Purple Toad, where they specialize in gourmet sweet wines like Lauren’s Blackberry, their top-selling bottle. (It’s named after the family’s youngest daughter!) On a hot summer day, you can even cool off with an icy-cold wine slushie.

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Landry Vineyards
Instagram / Landry Vineyards


Landry Vineyards, West Monroe

Landry Vineyards is known for more than just delicious wines—it’s also the place to be on a balmy summer evening for live music. The best way to enjoy their renowned concert series is with a picnic blanket, good company and a glass of chilled Redneck Red.

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Breakwater Vineyard
Instagram / @mkelleher2


Breakwater Vineyards, Owls Head

Front porch sippin’ has never looked—or tasted—better than at this scenic vineyard. The view of the Atlantic Ocean crashing on the rocks below is the perfect backdrop for splitting a bottle of their Breakwater Blues, a dry blueberry wine made from Maine’s famous fruit.

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Boordy Vineyards
Instagram / Boordy Vineyards


Boordy Vineyards, Hydes

It may be minutes away from the heart of Baltimore but at Maryland’s first winery, you’ll feel like you’re deep in the countryside thanks to its farmland setting and historic barn-turned-tasting room.

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Nashoba Valley Winery
Instagram / Nashoba Valley Winery


Nashoba Valley Winery, Bolton

When you think wine, you think grapes—and while Nashoba Valley grows 13 different types of grapes, they also produce 22 100% non-grape wines including crowd favorite Cranberry Apple or the more adventurous Strawberry Rhubarb. After sampling, pick your own fruit from their orchards to make one of these mouthwatering apple recipes.

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Chateau Chantal Winery and Inn at sunset
Instagram / Chateau Chantal Winery and Inn


Chateau Chantal Winery and Inn, Traverse City

Escape to Michigan’s gorgeous Great Lakes region where you can spend a weekend touring the wine cellars, watching the sunset with wine glass in hand and live jazz music in the background and retiring to a room in the cozy bed and breakfast.

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The Winery at Sovereign Estate
Instagram / @_alliecats_


The Winery at Sovereign Estate, Waconia

Minnesota wine tastes different than any wine you’ve had before—because of the colder climate, the grapes are more acidic than sweet, resulting in brighter, bolder flavors. Sip the earthy Marquette or the crisp La Crescent on the stone patio overlooking Lake Waconia.

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Old South Winery
Instagram / @mkwasinski


Old South Winery, Natchez

You can’t visit the South without bringing home a bottle of its sweet muscadine wine. Snag one from Old South Winery (we recommend the popular rose, Miss Scarlett) where they’ve been perfecting the fruity wine-making process since 1979 using only the finest muscadine grapes. Here’s everything you need to know about rose wine.

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Belvoir Winery and Inn
Instagram / @jenshultz09


Belvoir Winery and Inn, Liberty

Wine isn’t the only kind of spirit found here. The historic inn on Belvoir Winery’s grounds is said to be one of the most haunted in the state! If you’re brave enough to visit, indulge in the full-bodied Norton, featuring Missouri’s state grape.

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Close-up of mead at Hidden Legend Winery
Instagram / @totalwinedork


Hidden Legend Winery, Victor

If you could capture the wilderness and aromas of the Rocky Mountains in a bottle, the mead at Hidden Legend would be it. Choose from one of their many varieties of honeywine from the classic King’s Mead (made in the old world style) to the unique Chokecherry spotlighting Montana’s wild cherries.

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Soaring Wings Vineyard with a hot balloon flying overhead
Instagram / @mrs_mcnew


Soaring Wings Vineyard, Springfield

While Soaring Wings is open all year round, the best time to visit is in the summer when the vineyard hosts their annual Wine, Blues, Beer and Hot Air Balloon Festival. Sip a glass of grapes while you listen to live music and watch the bright balloons launching into the sky.

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Pahrump Valley Winery
Facebook / Pahrump Valley Winery


Pahrump Valley Winery, Pahrump

Vegas isn’t the only fun to be had in Nevada—there’s also the annual Grape Stomp at Pahrump Valley Winery. Sign up to compete and be prepared to get dirty—you’ll stomp barefoot in a barrel of grapes to see how much juice you can extract. Hydrate with a fruity Desert Blush or a smooth Burgundy.

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Close-up of wine bottles at Flag Hill Winery
Instagram / Flag Hill Winery

New Hampshire

Flag Hill Winery, Lee

Wondering what type of cheese goes best with your favorite semi-sweet red? The chef at Flag Hill can help you find the perfect pairing after you take a behind-the-scenes tour of New Hampshire’s largest winery. Here’s a guide to pairing any food with the vino of your choice.

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Sharrott Winery
Instagram / @paulvigg

New Jersey

Sharrott Winery, Hammonton

Meet the winery that’s gone green. The entire winemaking process at Sharrott is powered by solar energy. No need to make a reservation—stop by any time to taste one of their hand-crafted wines and lounge on the lawn. Don’t forget these delicious picnic dishes for your afternoon!

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Casa Rondena Winery
Instagram / Casa Rondena Winery

New Mexico

Casa Rondena Winery, Albuquerque

Stucco buildings and bold art dot this Southwestern escape. And if you enjoy the robust wines at Casa Rondena, become a member of their exclusive 1629 Club. Not only will you receive two bottles a month and complimentary tastings, you’ll also be invited to fabulous events from luxe dinner parties to musical performances.

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Thousand Islands Winery
Facebook / Thousand Islands Winery

New York

Thousand Islands Winery, Alexandria Bay

This forty-acre farm nestled along the St. Lawrence River serves up award-winning wines every day of the year (except Christmas). Take a seat in the barn loft to look out over the rolling vineyards with a glass of crowd favorite Marquette paired with locally crafted artisan cheeses.

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Biltmore Estate Winery
Instagram / Biltmore Estate Winery

North Carolina

Biltmore Estate Winery, Asheville

Explore George Vanderbilt’s awe-inspiring mountain estate just outside of Asheville, a glass of full-bodied red in hand. The winemakers at Biltmore—which is the country’s most visited winery—grow six primary varieties of grapes (Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Riesling and Viognier) while they experiment with others in an adjacent smaller vineyard.

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4e Winery
Instagram / 4e Winery

North Dakota

4e Winery, Mapleton

The name 4e looks like something out of chemistry class, but it actually stands for the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water) and the winery owners say their wines are “born of the northern prairie (earth), kissed by the sun (fire), nourished by the flowing rivers (water) and brought to life by prairie breezes (air).”

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Gervasi Vineyard
Instagram / Gervasi Vineyard


Gervasi Vineyard, Canton

What is there to do at Gervasi? The question should be: What is there not to do? From tasting Italian reds, whites and dessert wines to lounging at the spa to taking a yoga class on the lawn, there’s something for everyone. You can even play a round of golf or sign up for a culinary class taught by a professional chef.

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Water's Edge Winery
Instagram / Water's Edge Winery


Water’s Edge Winery, Oklahoma City

Barolos, Gewurztraminers, Petit Verdot, oh my! This Oklahoma winery offers 50 different types of wine, including the harder-to-find varieties. They source their grapes from some of the world’s best vineyards in places like Chile, France and New Zealand so you’re sure to find one that pleases your palate.

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Domaine Serene Winery
Instagram / Domaine Serene Winery


Domaine Serene Winery, Dayton

The first thing you’ll see as you pull up the drive to Domaine Serene is Wooly, the giant wooly mammoth mascot paying homage to how the Willamette Valley was created during the Ice Age. This winery is pure class, though, as evidenced by everything from its Pinot Noir, ranked No. 1 in the world, to the stunning Chateau de la Cree which you can see from above on one of the helicopter tours.

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Vynecrest Winery
Facebook / Vynecrest Winery


Vynecrest Winery, Breinigsville

Along the Lehigh Valley wine trail, you’ll come across Vynecrest, a family-owned vineyard that produces over 20 different types and 22,000 gallons of wine a year. Start in the restored 19th-century barn that now serves as a tasting room, and end in the sultry wine bar downstairs complete with piano jazz music.

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Carolyn's Sakonnet Vineyard
Instagram / Carolyn's Sakonnet Vineyard

Rhode Island

Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard, Little Compton

What makes the wine at New England’s oldest vineyard so special? The subtropical climate created by its location between two bodies of water allows for grapes to ripen longer and be harvested later. The result is a heartier, fresher flavored wine best drank to the tune of their popular Summer Concert Series.

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Deep Water Vineyard
Facebook / Deep Water Vineyard

South Carolina

Deep Water Vineyard, Charleston

Hidden among Spanish moss dripping from cypress trees lies Deep Water Vineyard, Charleston’s only vineyard. Their Lowcountry Red, an authentic muscadine wine, is a must-try—take a bottle with you on a self-guided tour through the seven miles of vines.

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Prairie Berry Winery
Instagram / Prairie Berry Winery

South Dakota

Prairie Berry Winery, Hill City

Elegant yet relaxed—that’s how we’d describe the atmosphere at this Black Hills winery. Grab a bite to eat from the Kitchen (there are plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options) then linger over a glass of their well-known semi-sweet Red Ass Rhubarb or the traditional Anna Pesa wines.

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Arrington Vineyards
Instagram / Arrington Vineyards


Arrington Vineyards, Arrington

You can take the wine out of Tennessee but you can’t take the Tennessee out of the wine. At least not at this winery owned by country music artist Kix Brooks, where many of the varieties are aged in old whiskey barrels for a hint of bourbon and vanilla. You can try them in one of two tasting rooms, including a restored farmhouse.

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Lost Oak Winery
Instagram / Lost Oak Winery


Lost Oak Winery, Burleson

Come on in, y’all! Relax in Lost Oak’s cellar room with a glass of Shiraz or wander the walking paths that wind through statuesque oak trees. You can even take an educational tour led by vineyard founder Gene Estes, a microbiologist-turned-vintner, on the winemaking process, complete with a complimentary tasting at the end.

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Castle Creek Winery
Facebook / Castle Creek Winery


Castle Creek Winery, Moab

Great scenery, even better wine. You’ll agree after a visit to Castle Creek where you can uncork a bottle of one of their 30 award-winning wines—typically made from a single vintage, instead of a blend—on the tasting deck while gazing at the Colorado River rushing over red rock cliffs.

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Snow Farm Vineyard
Facebook / Snow Farm Vineyard,


Snow Farm Vineyard, South Hero

Located in the middle of Lake Champlain with a climate similar to that of Burgundy, France, Snow Farm excels at colder-weather wine types like Pinot Noir, Vidal Blanc and even their specialty ice wine. If you take a bottle home (which you should), here’s the right way to store it so it lasts longer.

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Barboursville Vineyard
Instagram / Barboursville Vineyard


Barboursville Vineyard, Barboursville

Can’t make it to Italy? A trip to Barboursville might be the next best thing. The winery—founded by the Zonins, a family that has been making wine in Italy since 1821—boasts Virginia’s most famous red wine, Octagon. Don’t miss the ruins of the old governor’s mansion, designed by Thomas Jefferson.

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Chateau Ste Michelle
Instagram / Chateau Ste Michelle


Chateau Ste Michelle, Woodinville

Riesling lovers rejoice! At Washington’s oldest vineyard (some vines dating back to 1962), you’ll want to tip back a glass or two of their beautifully balanced reserve Riesling. While you’re there, tour the lush gardens or take a class on wine tasting—you’ll never make one of these vino faux pas again!

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Forks of Cheat Winery
Instagram / Forks of Cheat Winery

West Virginia

Forks of Cheat Winery, Morgantown

Only in West Virginia will you find a little moonshine alongside your wine at one of Forks of Cheat’s free tastings. The family-owned vineyard, snuggled deep among the Appalachian Mountains, boasts both French hybrid and American varietals of grapes.

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Wollersheim Winery
Instagram / Wollersheim Winery


Wollersheim Winery, Prairie du Sac

It’s no secret that Wisconsin knows how to do cheese, but it also knows how to do cheese’s best friend: wine. Pair your creamy local dairy with Wollersheim’s award-winning Prairie Fume, a white wine made from seyval blanc grapes. Here’s how to create the perfect cheese board at home.

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Table Mountain Vineyards
Instagram / Table Mountain Vineyards


Table Mountain Vineyards, Torrington

What started as a research project to see if making wine in Wyoming was actually possible has now grown (literally) into a 10,000-vine operation. Sign up for a night of fun at their TMV Paint Studio, where you’ll sip some pure “Wyo wine” while painting a pretty picture.