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The Best Advent Calendars You Can Get at Aldi This Year

Advent calendars kick off at Aldi on November 6!

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Choceur CalendarCourtesy Aldi

Choceur Advent Calendar

The classic chocolate-packed calendars come in red and blue for only $1.39 each. This is why no one can beat the prices at Aldi.

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Choceur Premium CalendarCourtesy ALDI

Choceur Premium Advent Calendar

Fill your holidays with premium chocolate from Choceur for only $4.99! See how Choceur stacks up against other chocolate brands.

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OmegaSnax Dog CalendarCourtesy ALDI

OmegaSnax Dog Advent Calendar

Need something under the tree for Fido? Fetch the OmegaSnax dog treats calendar for $5.89. Treat your pup to ginger dog biscuits for the holidays, too.

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Disney Book Calendarcourtesy ALDI

Disney Book Advent Calendar

Your little prince or princess will love this storybook calendar. Snag yours at Aldi for $9.99. By the way, have you seen Bonne Maman’s 2019 Advent calendar?

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Festive Collection Wine Calendarcourtesy aldi

Festive Collection Wine Advent Calendar

Nothing gets us in the holiday spirit like a mini bottle of wines! Enjoy a glass every day in December for $69.99.

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Beer Calendarcourtesy aldi

Beer Advent Calendar

Wine not your thing? Crack open a cold one at the holiday party this year for $49.99. (Enjoy the authentic taste of German beer with Costco’s brand new Advent calendar, too.)

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Emporium Selection Cheese Calendarcourtesy aldi

Cheese Advent Calendar

Pair your wine Advent calendar with savory cheeses for just $14.99. P.S. Here’s what to make with any leftover cheese.

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Sparkling Wine Countdown to the New Year CalendarCourtesy Aldi

Sparkling Wine Countdown to the New Year Calendar

Curl up by the fire with a sparkling wine in hand every day for $24.99. The Countdown to the New Year calendar won’t be on sale until December 4, though. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Vinebox has just the wine Advent calendar for you.

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