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The Top Thanksgiving Recipe from Every State

From sea to shining sea, we found the favorite Thanksgiving recipes by state.

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Taste of Home

Thanksgiving menus vary from coast to coast, and these top-rated recipes prove it. We found the best-loved and most-reviewed Thanksgiving recipe in every state. From appetizers to desserts, we guarantee you’ll find a dish to share at this year’s feast. Find our best tips and recipes in our Thanksgiving hosting handbook.

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Alabama: Pumpkin Bars	Taste of Home

Alabama: Pumpkin Bars

Pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting are the ultimate fall treat. But my family likes them so much, they ask me to make them all year long! —Brenda Keller, Andalusia, Alabama

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Alaska: Herbed Garlic PotatoesTaste of Home

Alaska: Herbed Garlic Potatoes

My mom cooks from scratch and rarely uses a recipe. That's how I learned—a pinch of this, a dash of that. But it was actually my dad who invented the basis for this recipe. The potatoes fit any kind of meal from fancy to burgers—and everyone asks me for the recipe. —Sherry DesJardin, Fairbanks, Alaska

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Arizona: Caramel-Pecan Apple PieTaste of Home

Arizona: Caramel-Pecan Apple Pie

You'll love the smell in your kitchen—and the smiles on everybody's faces—when you make this scrumptious caramel apple pie recipe. It takes me back home to Virginia and being at my granny's table. —Jean Castro, Phoenix, Arizona

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Arkansas: Pumpkin Cheesecake with Sour Cream Topping	Taste of Home

Arkansas: Pumpkin Cheesecake with Sour Cream Topping

Instead of a traditional pie, I like to surprise holiday guests with a silky cheesecake. Make it a day ahead and let it chill overnight. It's one less thing you'll have to make on the big day. —Dorothy Smith, El Dorado, Arkansas

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California: Chunky Apple Cake	Taste of Home

California: Chunky Apple Cake

After taste testing apple cake recipes, I've found this particular recipe the best. Full of old-world comfort, the yummy brown sugar sauce really makes the cake special. For a festive occasion, top with a dollop of whipped cream. —Debi Benson, Bakersfield, California

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Colorado: Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting	Taste of Home

Colorado: Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

This is a wonderful recipe I discovered and changed a bit to suit my taste. I love the flavor of pumpkin and the cinnamon makes ordinary cream cheese frosting extra special. When I made a batch for my husband to take to work, he said they disappeared in record time. —Debbie Wiggins, Longmont, Colorado

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Connecticut: Honey-Thyme Butternut Squash	Taste of Home

Connecticut: Honey-Thyme Butternut Squash

This golden, honey-sweetened squash is just as hearty and comforting as your favorite potato dish. With its bright color, it makes an attractive side for special autumn meals. —Bianca Noiseux, Bristol, Connecticut

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Delaware: Turkey & Spinach Stuffing Casserole	Taste of Home

Delaware: Turkey & Spinach Stuffing Casserole

I know dried cranberries may seem like an odd ingredient to include in this dish, but they add just a hint of sweetness that makes an easy casserole so special. —Gilda Lester, Millsboro, Delaware

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Florida: Slow Cooker Loaded Mashed PotatoesTaste of Home

Florida: Slow Cooker Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Every year my Mom made cream cheese mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. I tailored the recipe to my family's taste and carried on the tradition. I make them a day ahead and use my slow cooker to free up oven space for other dishes. —Ann Nolte, Tampa, Florida

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Georgia: Homemade Corn Muffins with Honey ButterTaste of Home

Georgia: Homemade Corn Muffins with Honey Butter

I turn classic corn bread muffins into something special by serving them with a honey butter. They're gone in a flash! —Suzanne McKinley, Lyons, Georgia

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Hawaii: Marinated Thanksgiving TurkeyTaste of Home

Hawaii: Marinated Thanksgiving Turkey

My family enjoys this Thanksgiving turkey because it cooks up tender, tasty and golden brown. Build up flavor by marinating the meat, then grill it to add a tempting barbecued flavor. —Ken Churches, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

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Idaho: Soft Buttermilk Dinner RollsTaste of Home

Idaho: Soft Buttermilk Dinner Rolls

Warm, buttery dinner rolls are absolutely irresistible. I save time and use a stand mixer to make my dough. —Jennifer Patterson, Shoshone, Idaho

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Illinois: Creamy Make-Ahead Mashed PotatoesTaste of Home

Illinois: Creamy Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes

With five different dairy products, you know this make-ahead mashed potato casserole is going to be super rich and, of course, delicious. It gets even better topped with onions and bacon! —JoAnn Koerkenmeier, Damiansville, Illinois

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Indiana: Mallow-Topped Sweet PotatoesTaste of Home

Indiana: Mallow-Topped Sweet Potatoes

My grandmother always served this sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving. The puffy marshmallow topping gives the dish a festive look, and spices enhance the sweet potato flavor. —Edna Hoffman, Hebron, Indiana

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Iowa: Apple Crumble PieTaste of Home

Iowa: Apple Crumble Pie

The crumb topping of this apple crumb pie recipe is awesome, which may explain why dessert always disappears fast. Or maybe it's the chunky apple filling. Either way, it's a family tradition. —Vera Brouwer, Maurice, Iowa

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Kansas: Contest-Winning Chocolate Chip Pumpkin BreadTaste of Home

Kansas: Contest-Winning Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

A touch of cinnamon helps blend the flavors in this tender pumpkin chocolate chip bread. And since the recipe makes two loaves, you can send one to a bake sale and keep one at home for your family to enjoy. —Lora Stanley, Bennington, Kansas

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Kentucky: Mashed Cauliflower with ParmesanTaste of Home

Kentucky: Mashed Cauliflower with Parmesan

I couldn’t shake my mashed potato habit, until I tried mashed cauliflower with a similar consistency. I started making my own, and my family loves it. —Meredith Howard, Franklin, Kentucky

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Louisiana: Herbed Turkey BreastTaste of Home

Louisiana: Herbed Turkey Breast

Like many of you, I always serve turkey for our family's Thanksgiving meal. But instead of roasting a whole bird, I opt for a turkey breast since most of us prefer white meat. The herb butter basting sauce keeps it so moist, and it's easy to carve. —Ruby Williams, Bogalusa, Louisiana

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Maine: Buttercup Squash Coffee CakeTaste of Home

Maine: Buttercup Squash Coffee Cake

My father grows a large buttercup squash patch, so each fall, I get an ample amount of his harvest. I make this treat to share with my co-workers. They rave about the moist cake, the crunchy streusel and the applesauce between the layers. —Mary Jones, Cumberland, Maine

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Maryland: Glazed Sweet PotatoesTaste of Home

Maryland: Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Fresh sweet potatoes Mom grew disappeared fast at our family table when she served them with this easy, flavorful glaze. She still makes them this way, and now her sweet potato recipe has become a favorite with the grandchildren as well! —Rosemary Pryor, Pasadena, Maryland

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Massachusetts: Deep-Dish Apple PieTaste of Home

Massachusetts: Deep-Dish Apple Pie

This recipe is a winner! The crust is so flaky and the filling is sure to please everyone. —Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, Massachusetts

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Michigan: Creamy Cranberry SaladTaste of Home

Michigan: Creamy Cranberry Salad

One of my piano students taught me the perfect lesson in holiday recipes: this fresh cranberry salad. The keys are tangy fruit, fluffy marshmallows and crunchy nuts. —Alexandra Lypecky, Dearborn, Michigan

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Minnesota: Elegant Green BeansTaste of Home

Minnesota: Elegant Green Beans

Mushrooms and water chestnuts give new life to ordinary green bean casserole. Every time I make it for friends, I'm asked to share the recipe. —Linda Poe, Sandstone, Minnesota

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Mississippi: Stuffing from the Slow CookerTaste of Home

Mississippi: Stuffing from the Slow Cooker

If you're hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner this year, add this simple slow-cooked stuffing to your menu to ease entertaining. The recipe comes in handy when you run out of oven space at large family gatherings. I use this Crock Pot dressing recipe often. —Donald Seiler, Macon, Mississippi

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Missouri: Slow Cooker Mashed PotatoesTaste of Home

Missouri: Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes

Sour cream and cream cheese give richness to these smooth make-ahead potatoes. They are wonderful for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner since there's no last-minute mashing required. —Trudy Vincent, Valles Mines, Missouri

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Montana: Taste-of-Fall SaladTaste of Home

Montana: Taste-of-Fall Salad

My parents stayed with me at a friend's beautiful ranch for the holidays and I made them this great salad. It turned into every night's first course. —Kristin Kossak, Bozeman, Montana

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Nebraska: Sweet Potato CrescentsTaste of Home

Nebraska: Sweet Potato Crescents

My family agrees that our Thanksgiving feast would not be complete without these light-as-air crescent rolls. They're a nice accompaniment to any menu. Baking them always puts me in the holiday spirit. —Rebecca Bailey, Fairbury, Nebraska

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Nevada: Rustic Pumpkin BreadTaste of Home

Nevada: Rustic Pumpkin Bread

I received this pumpkin bread recipe from a co-worker who made it for an office party. It is so yummy and moist that I now make it every year at the holidays for friends and family. —Sandy Sandaval, Sandy Valley, Nevada

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New Hampshire: Cranberry-Apple ChutneyTaste of Home

New Hampshire: Cranberry-Apple Chutney

In our house, this chutney is a must-have for our Thanksgiving dinner. It also makes a great appetizer when spooned over cream cheese on Melba rounds. —Mary Ellen Gilbert, Franconia, New Hampshire

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New Jersey: Pumpkin Pie CustardTaste of Home

New Jersey: Pumpkin Pie Custard

Instead of pumpkin pie, try this flavorful light holiday dessert. My husband’s aunt shared the recipe after she brought this treat to a family party. —Nancy Zimmerman, Cape May Court House, New Jersey

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New Mexico: Potluck Pan RollsTaste of Home

New Mexico: Potluck Pan Rolls

The appealing homemade yeast-bread flavor of these golden rolls is unbeatable. Soft and light, they're great alongside any entree. Folks are disappointed if I don't bring them to potluck dinners. —Carol Mead, Los Alamos, New Mexico

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New York: Corn PuddingTaste of Home

New York: Corn Pudding

Jiffy mix and canned corn make this Southern corn pudding casserole a snap to prepare. Now this is real comfort food! —P. Lauren Fay-Neri, Syracuse, New York

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North Carolina: Sweet Potato PieTaste of Home

North Carolina: Sweet Potato Pie

This creamy sweet potato pie is subtly spiced and slices beautifully! We like to bake up a few sweet potato pies around the holidays to give to friends and family. —North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

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North Dakota: Caramel Apple CheesecakeTaste of Home

North Dakota: Caramel Apple Cheesecake

This apple cheesecake won the grand prize in an apple recipe contest. With caramel both on the bottom and over the top, every bite is sinfully delicious. —Lisa Morman, Minot, North Dakota

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Ohio: Pumpkin TorteTaste of Home

Ohio: Pumpkin Torte

This beautiful layered cake has a creamy filling with a mild pumpkin flavor and a little spice. It's quick and always turns out so well. The nuts and caramel topping add a nice finishing touch. —Trixie Fisher, Piqua, Ohio

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Oklahoma: Coconut-Pecan Sweet PotatoesTaste of Home

Oklahoma: Coconut-Pecan Sweet Potatoes

These delicious sweet potatoes cook effortlessly in the slow cooker so you can tend to other things. Coconut gives the classic a fresh twist. —Raquel Haggard, Edmond, Oklahoma

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Oregon: Cranberry-Walnut Brussels SproutsTaste of Home

Oregon: Cranberry-Walnut Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are one food that picky eaters often resist. This recipe will change their mind. You can also add garlic and dried fruits. —Jennifer Armellino, Lake Oswego, Oregon

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Pennsylvania: Cream-Filled Pumpkin CupcakesTaste of Home

Pennsylvania: Cream-Filled Pumpkin Cupcakes

Here's a charming use for pumpkin. Bursting with flavor and plenty of eye-catching appeal, these sweet and spicy filled cupcakes are bound to dazzle your family any time of the year. —Ali Johnson, Petersburg, Pennsylvania

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Rhode Island: Roasted Turkey a l'OrangeTaste of Home

Rhode Island: Roasted Turkey a l'Orange

My niece says this is THE best turkey she’s ever had—she even requests it in the middle of summer! —Robin Haas, Cranston, Rhode Island

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South Carolina: Sour Cream Apple PieTaste of Home

South Carolina: Sour Cream Apple Pie

A cool, creamy version of the original, this delicious dessert is the perfect finish to a satisfying summer meal. Its crumbly topping and smooth apple filling are crowd-pleasers! Be prepared to serve seconds. —Sharon Bickett, Chester, South Carolina

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South Dakota: Squash Apple SoupTaste of Home

South Dakota: Squash Apple Soup

Here is a great first course! Rich, creamy squash soup with a hint of apple is truly special and worthy of being on your holiday menu. —Holly Wilhelm, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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Tennessee: Mom's Sweet Potato BakeTaste of Home

Tennessee: Mom's Sweet Potato Bake

Mom loves sweet potatoes and fixed them often in this creamy, comforting baked sweet potato casserole. With its nutty topping, this side dish could almost serve as a dessert. It's a yummy treat! —Sandi Pichon, Memphis, Tennessee

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Texas: Pumpkin Pie DipTaste of Home

Texas: Pumpkin Pie Dip

I came up with this rich, creamy pumpkin dip when I had a small amount of canned pumpkin left in the fridge after my holiday baking. It's also great served with sliced pears and apples, or as a spread on zucchini bread. —Laurie LaClair, North Richland Hills, Texas

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Utah: Moist & Tender Turkey BreastTaste of Home

Utah: Moist & Tender Turkey Breast

This easy turkey recipe is sure to be popular in your home. Everyone will love the taste, and you'll love how quickly it comes together. —Heidi Vawdrey, Riverton, Utah

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Vermont: Maple Sugar Pumpkin PieTaste of Home

Vermont: Maple Sugar Pumpkin Pie

We make our own maple syrup, and that's what gives this pie its special taste. You might want to bake this for your Thanksgiving meal. —Martha Boudah, Essex Center, Vermont

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Virginia: Pumpkin Banana Bread	Taste of Home

Virginia: Pumpkin Banana Bread

I came across this recipe in a local newspaper about 10 years ago, and I still make the bread on a regular basis. The recipe conveniently yields a number of mini loaves, making gift-giving easy. —Linda Wood, Roanoke, Virginia

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Washington: Green Bean CasseroleTaste of Home

Washington: Green Bean Casserole

This easy green bean casserole has always been one of my favorite dishes. You can make it before any guests arrive and refrigerate it until it’s ready to bake. —Anna Baker, Blaine, Washington

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West Virginia: Rosemary Cheddar MuffinsTaste of Home

West Virginia: Rosemary Cheddar Muffins

My 96-year-old stepmother gave me this recipe many years ago. We have enjoyed these luscious biscuitlike muffins ever since. You might not even need butter! —Bonnie Stallings, Martinsburg, West Virginia

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Wisconsin: Winning Apple CrispTaste of Home

Wisconsin: Winning Apple Crisp

I live in apple country, and a delicious crisp is one good way to use them that doesn't take a lot of time. —Gertrude Bartnick, Portage, Wisconsin

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Wyoming: Wild Rice StuffingTaste of Home

Wyoming: Wild Rice Stuffing

Since trying this stuffing recipe from my sister, I haven't made any other kind. It's so moist and tasty. When a big bowlful starts circulating around the table, happy holiday smiles get even bigger! —Connie Olson, Green River, Wyoming

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