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13 Serving Staples You Need for Summer Potlucks

Throwing a potluck this summer? You'll want to stock up on our picks for the best plates, bowls, platters and serving utensils to ensure your entertaining is as successful as your spread! Check out some of our favorites.

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Dinnerware Setvia

Dinnerware Set

You can create as many spreadsheets as you want, but potluck attendees will bring every type of dish under the sun. Be prepared by purchasing a dinnerware set complete with dinner plates, salad plates and bowls that can help serve dishes of all kinds at your next party.

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Matte Black Silverwarevia

Matte Black Silverware

This set of matte black silverware has a rustic, outdoor farmhouse feel that complements your favorite set of napkins and servingware. They’re made from stainless steel—so they’re durable enough to withstand your barbecue favorites—but the matte finish adds a classy touch that will impress your guests.

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Yute Tumbler Glassesvia

Textured Tumbler Glasses

Nothing screams summer quite like a colorful cocktail. (We particularly love these tasty mixed drinks!) Show off your fruity and bright concoction with a set of clear tumblers, like this set from Walmart. The burlap pattern adds texture and style, while the clear glass elevates whichever liquid you choose to serve.

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Ivory Salad Platesvia

Ivory Salad Plates

You can’t throw a summer potluck without a salad—check out these cool salad recipes for inspiration. As you’re deciding which recipe to whip up for your next party, make sure you’ve got a set of classic salad plates to serve your guests. We love this ivory set from World Market.

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Drinkware Setvia

Drinkware Set

Potluck attendees tend to be as colorful and unique as the dishes they bring to your party. Treat everyone like the individual they are and serve them in one of these beautiful glasses. They’re classy enough for cocktails and informal enough for sweet tea—sure to suit whichever beverages you choose to serve.

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Smoke Blue Napkinsvia

Smoke Blue Napkins

Summer is for fun and colorful serving—when you’re picking up a set of cloth napkins, pick a pair that pops with color, like this smoke blue napkin from Pier 1. It complements solid white serveware and matte black silverware well.

Purchase here.

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Glass Pitchervia

Glass Pitcher

Whether you’re serving tea, lemonade or fruit punch, you need a classy glass pitcher to house your favorite beverage. We love this one from Overstock, which comes with a sturdy handle and wide spout that helps ensure your delicious summer staple stays fresh throughout the evening.

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Tumbled Serving Spoonvia

Tumbled Serving Spoon

This rustic tumbled serving spoon is a must-have for the avid entertainer. Its large mouth provides the perfect scoop of deliciousness each time, while the sturdy handle ensures you won’t spill your precious food as you find your way to the plate.

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Tumbled Serving Forkvia

Tumbled Serving Fork

No serving set is complete without a large serving fork. Use this large and stylish fork to serve meats straight from the grill, or combine it with your serving spoon to get a heaping handful of your favorite fresh salad.

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Teak Pinch Bowlsvia

Teak Pinch Bowls

Planning for salads? Of course, you are. You need a set of teak pinch bowls that will allow your guests to enjoy their summer staple in style. The wooden finish classes up any table, and complements most outdoor decor beautifully.

Purchase here.

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Olivewood Handle Serving Forkvia

Olivewood Handle Serving Fork

If your potluck involves grilling, you need a serving fork that will help you serve each juicy morsel with ease. We love this serving fork from Sur La Table—that olivewood handle not only classes up the dining room, but it provides a sturdy grip to provide optimal meat serving conditions.

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Denby Pitchervia

Denby Pitcher

This textured jug from Amazon is as useful as it is beautiful. Load it with cream to serve along with coffee, fill it with freshly made raspberry sauce, or simply keep it on the table as a beautiful centerpiece to tie the room together.

Purchase here.

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Striped Paper Napkinsvia

Striped Paper Napkins

Cloth napkins are a great way to add style to a place setting, but when you’re hosting a slew of guests, nothing works quite as well as paper. We love the farmhouse rustic pattern on this set of paper napkins, which are sure to be both eye-catching and effective.

Purchase here.

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