9 Surprising Things You Should Buy Only at Publix

You might already know how amazing Publix is if you have one in your neighborhood! This Southern supermarket chain is completely employee-owned and delivers on its promise to make shopping a pleasure. Check some of our favorite Publix items!

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Deli Sandwiches

Most grocery chains have a small deli that slices meats and offers a few pasta salads and other premade options. The Publix deli goes one step further and uses their own freshly baked bread to make some incredible sandwiches. Their Pub Subs are better than most popular fast-casual chains!

Here are six more reasons to love Publix.

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Cakes from the Bakery

Did you know that Publix wedding cakes get rave reviews? And it doesn’t stop at weddings, either. The Publix bakery makes cakes for every occasion, along with cookies, doughnuts, and breads. It’s even rumored that they’ll give a free cookie to children—so don’t forget to ask!

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Fried Chicken

The South is pretty well known for their fried chicken, but you wouldn’t normally think about buying it from a grocery store. Publix should definitely be an exception: their fried chicken is perfectly spiced, juicy, and fried to perfection. It’s better than some restaurants!

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Homemade Rotisserie Chicken with Herbs and Lemons
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Rotisserie Chicken

If fried chicken isn’t your thing, don’t worry: Publix makes an incredible rotisserie chicken. It’s always hot and fresh, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s available for a great price. Pick up an extra one and use the leftovers to make these quick-and easy dinners.

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Publix Brand Name Items

Just like Trader Joe’s, Publix brand name items are a step above their generic competition. These items are actually made by leading national brands, who only slightly change their brand-name recipes to become generic. That means you’re getting a real quality product at a great value.

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Meat from the Butcher Counter

The butchers at Publix are great! They let you break packages if you only want a few sausages (but there are more than that in the package). Or, you can ask them to cut your favorite meats so you won’t have to dirty up your kitchen when you want to make kebabs.

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Generic Medications

Fill your prescriptions at the Publix pharmacy, where you can get a 90-day supply of generic medications for only $7.50! They also offer a free 14-day supply of common antibiotics (like Amoxicillin or Penicillin) without a prescription.

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Publix’s produce department is great on keeping up with seasonal foods, so you’ll always have some fresh options to pick from. They also have an incredible selection of organic foods from their Buy Organic list to help you prioritize choices when deciding between conventional or organic fruits and vegetables.

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Anything on a BOGO Sale

Publix sales are legendary, especially their buy-one-get-one sale (which is a perfect way to bulk up on pantry staples). If an item you want isn’t available for BOGO today, you might want to wait—it won’t be too long before this item becomes a Publix deal!

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