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8 Surprising Foods that Taste Better Frozen

It's not just ice cream that tastes great frozen! You'll want to try every one of these tasty treats straight out of the freezer.

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Heap of Gummy BearsPhoto: Shutterstock / HandmadePictures

Gummy Bears

“When you freeze gummy candy it takes on a new texture. Not quite solid but not quite chewy. It’s addicting really,” raves The Skinny Confidential. We can’t argue. In fact, we can’t stop eating these, and when we run out of gummy bears we’ll switch over to gummy worms.

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Extra-fudgy brownies

Brownies are always delicious frozen, but the fudgier they are in the center, the more they start to resemble candy—or at least some delicious hybrid between cake and candy. If you need a good recipe, try this five-star-rated recipe for Ultimate Fudgy Brownies.

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Package of Andes creme de menthe thins candy.Photo: Shutterstock / Keith Homan

Andes Crème De Menthe Thins

Yes, of course, we’re aware of how delicious frozen Peppermint Patties taste. (Try this copycat recipe!) But Andes Crème De Menthe Thins are a wonderful bite-sized alternative consisting of one layer of mint confection sandwiched between two chocolate layers. They go from freezer to taste buds beautifully.

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Bailey’s Irish Cream

Bailey’s Irish Cream is a delicious adult beverage, and here at Taste of Home we love us some Irish cream no matter who makes it. (Here’s a fantastic recipe for a homemade version.) If you’ve never tried it frozen, you’re missing something special. Because Bailey’s Irish Cream doesn’t actually freeze (it just gets cold and slightly thicker), it’s truly an after-dinner-drink game-changer.

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ICEBOX CAKEPhoto: Taste of Home

Chocolate Icebox “Cake”

Notice the quotation marks around “cake”—our recipe for Chocolate Icebox “Cake” isn’t a cake at all. In fact, it’s made entirely of cookies and whipped cream (chocolate wafer cookies are layered with whipped cream, topped with more whipped cream, and then refrigerated). Take it to another level by freezing instead of refrigerating.

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A bowl of greek yogurtPhoto: Shutterstock / Dani Vincek

Greek yogurt

Pop individual tubs of Greek yogurt into the freezer. Sure, you can stick a Popsicle stick into the foil top, but these are even better when you scrape them with a spoon. It’s like an Italian ice, but creamy and high in protein. You could also try this with regular (non-Greek) yogurt, such as one of these, but Greek yogurt is this frozen-nosher’s fave.

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Old-fashioned rice puddingPhoto: Taste of Home

Rice Pudding

This classic, old-fashioned rice pudding recipe starts out as a comfort food when served still slightly warm. Change it up as a summer snack by popping individual servings in the freezer. Enjoy!

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Two boxes of Mallomars Cookies. Photo: Shutterstock / LunaseeStudios


Considering that marshmallows don’t freeze particularly well, it’s a wonder just how amazing Mallomars taste when you store them in the freezer. So, freeze those delightful little cookie/bonbons for now, and then at winter’s end, store a few boxes in the freezer (when Mallomars disappear from store shelves) for your summer cravings.

Craving warm marshmallows? Try these homemade marshmallows in your hot cocoa.

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