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10 Sugar-Free Ice Cream Brands You’ll Want to Dig Into

Going sugar-free doesn't mean you have to give up sweets. Check out these sugar-free ice cream brands you'll want to scoop up this summer.

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Turtle Mountain So Delicious Frozen Dessert, 1 ptvia

So Delicious

Sweetened with monk fruit extract, a natural sweetener that has an extremely low glycemic index, So Delicious’ no-sugar-added ice cream won’t spike your blood sugar. The line is made with coconut milk, meaning it’s entirely dairy-free, and has four flavors: vanilla bean, mint chip, chocolate and butter pecan.

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Cutting on carbs, too? Check out these low-carb ice creams.

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Luna & Larry's Organic Non-Dairy Frozen Dessertvia

Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss

Coconut Bliss is an organic, vegan and gluten-free frozen dessert company that is for the most part, sugar-free. Rather than white sugar, the company uses either coconut sugar or agave syrup in their 16-pint flavors. The only flavors that you should avoid on a sugar-free diet are the sea salt caramel, sea salt caramel and chocolate and mint chip galactic, which include cane sugar. Luna & Larry’s ice cream would fit in great with this 7-day sugar-free meal plan.

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Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned No Sugar Added Fudge Tracks Ice Cream - 48ozvia


Also known as Dreyer’s in the West, Edy’s offers an ice cream line that is made with Splenda, a sucralose sweetener. The line has five flavors, including butter pecan and fudge tracks, and is slow churned for a smooth and creamy texture.

Have you tried Sans Sucre brownies? Here’s what we thought about the sugar and gluten-free mix.

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Breyers No Sugar Added Frozen Dairy Dessert, Vanilla 48 oz via


Similar to Edy’s/Dreyer’s, Breyers also uses Splenda instead of white sugar in their no-sugar-added ice cream. The quart and a half containers are made with real milk and cream and are available in vanilla, Neapolitan, caramel swirl and New York style cheesecake.

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Blue Bell No Sugar Added, Country Vanilla Ice Cream, 64 OZvia

Blue Bell

Blue Bell, a century-old company from Texas, offers a country-style vanilla ice cream made with Splenda as a part of their regular product line. This ice cream is also made low-fat and available as a pint and half-gallon. Speaking of Texas, here are our top-rated recipes from the Lone Star state.

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Blue Bunny No Sugar Added Reducd Fat Bunny Tracks Ice Cream, 48 ozvia

Blue Bunny

Blue Bunny’s Sweet Freedom is an extensive no-sugar-added line that’s made with sucralose and sorbitol, a sugar alcohol found in fruit. Sweet Freedom offers eight flavors of 1.5-quart ice cream and five types of treats, including ice cream bars and sandwiches.

Note: Sugar alcohols contain carbohydrates according to The American Diabetes Association, so if you have diabetes you should still consider the nutrition label before buying.

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Klondike Ice Cream Bars Vanilla No Sugar Added 6 ctvia


What you’ll do for a Klondike bar doesn’t have to include eating added sugar. These classic bars are made with maltitol, another sugar alcohol, and sucralose. You can pick them up in original and Krunch flavors.

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Skinny Cow® Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwich Vanilla - 4 fl oz/6ctvia

Skinny Cow

These adorable ice cream sandwiches are vanilla ice cream swirled between two chocolate wafer cookies. The sandwiches are made with sucralose and sorbitol and a box comes with six sandwiches.

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Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean Fat Free No Sugar Added Recipe Ice Cream 48 fl. oz. Tubvia

Turkey Hill

Turkey Hill, from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, offers a fat-free, sugar-free ice cream that’s sweetened with Splenda and sorbitol. Their vanilla ice cream is made with real vanilla bean, meaning you’ll taste those delicious dark seeds in every scoop.

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Wink cake batter ice cream tubvia


All of Wink’s frozen dessert flavors, from vanilla bean to cake batter and pumpkin spice latte, are sugar-, gluten-, dairy- and soy-free. These pints are instead sweetened with a mix of stevia and monk fruit extract. The brand also offers keto-friendly chocolate chip and cinnamon cookies.

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