10 Stellar Ideas For a Stargazing Party

Get ready for a party that's...out of this world!

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I love to spend an evening outdoors, cooking tasty food over a campfire and staring at the night sky. It’s even more magical when I have friends around to look for planets and shooting stars!

Here are the food, drink and decor ideas you’ll need to throw a stargazing party in your backyard.

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Star-shaped sugar cookies
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Serve star-shaped food

You’ll want to bake and decorate Star Cookies or serve a fruit salad made with starfruit. You can even buy a large star-shaped cookie cutter on Amazon and make star-shaped sandwiches. (You don’t have to do all the cooking yourself—ask your friends to help.)

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Hang up moon and stars balloons

Decorating for a stargazing party is half the fun! Hang up some shiny moon-shaped balloons near the snack tables or on the back deck to get the party started from the moment guests walk in.

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Decorative outdoor string lights hanging on tree in the garden at night time

Make your party bright with fairy lights

When the sun starts to go down, hang strings of lights in your backyard to create a glow. You can use Christmas lights for this! Everyone will feel like they’re floating in outer space, surrounded by stars. (Don’t forget to unplug the lights when you’re ready to look at real stars, though.)

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Golden star sprinkles on pink.

DIY some galaxy ice cream

This party calls for a really cool dessert. Scoop up homemade ice cream—and have your friends mix in swirls of gold star sprinkles ($6) to create a galaxy in every bowl.

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Milky Way galaxy, on the mountains.
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Stargaze with a telescope

If your family has a telescope in the attic, now is the perfect time to bring it down. Everyone will love taking turns looking through the telescope and into the beautiful sky filled with stars.

Psst… See if you can find your zodiac sign in the night sky.

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Go on a moon rock hunt

Before the party starts, paint a bunch of rocks with glow-in-the-dark paint, and hide them all before your guests arrive. When the sun starts to go down, people will have a blast running around looking for ’em.

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Blackberry lemonade
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Make out-of-this-world drinks

The best drinks are refreshing and colorful! Serve drinks that are Milky Way colors—like blue, purple and pink. To find great drink recipes, start by checking out our fresh and fizzy mocktails.

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Rose Gold Foil Fringe curtain
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Set up a sparkling photo booth

When your guests are having a great time at your party, they’re going to want to capture the moment. So people can snap photos for Instagram, set up a galactic-inspired background made of gold or silver foil strings. (Find this one on Etsy.)

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Set out cozy pillow stations

Everyone will be eagerly waiting for this part of the night! Scatter your most comfortable pillows, blankets and sleeping bags for your guests to relax on while they gaze up at the sky. (This part reminds me of backyard camping.)

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Glow In The Dark Stars Wall Stickers
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Send guests home with stars

Send your guests back to their home planets with glow-in-the-dark stickers ($11). Your friends will be able to keep looking at the stars long after your stargazing party is over.

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