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10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Everybody knows that "spring cleaning" is the best way to freshen up your place. Add these super easy (and fun!) spring home ideas to your to-do list.

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Celebrating spring is a fun way to welcome in another new season. We’ve got 10 ideas to make every room in your house feel bright and fresh.

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Herbs on cooking boardShutterstock / AnjelikaGr

Cook With Herbs

Sprinkle fresh mint over a platter of French toast for weekend brunch, toss rosemary into fruit pops (Strawberry-Rosemary Yogurt Pops, anyone?) or dunk a sprig of thyme into white sangria. Even better if you pluck the herbs from your windowsill garden.

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Add a New Color to Your Décor

If you tend to decorate with neutral colors, add a pop of fuchsia or canary yellow. You’ll be surprised how much it changes the room and you might only have to spend $20 or $30 on something like a throw pillow, vase or photo frame. Buy it brand new or hit up your local flea market (with our shopping tips, of course!).

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Open the Windows and Doors

The easiest, fastest way to experience spring is to pull (or crank, depending on your home) open those doors and windows. Aromas of lilacs and fresh-cut grass, plus a gentle breeze, will soon waft into the rooms. It’s even better than a scented candle, we promise.

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Say you only have 15 minutes and you want to quickly freshen up a room. Spiff up your kitchen or sort through stacks of mail and magazines (it’s OK, we all have them). The best results are going to be in places you see daily as you’re trying to relax. In other words, leave the medicine cabinet for another day, but the clothes closet? Yes!

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Switch Out Fabrics

A set of tartan throw pillows and soft wool blanket definitely channel “winter wonderland” but when the weather warms up you can put them away. Consider bright pastel hues and floral prints for the soft goods in your home. You’ll be surprised how much lighter and brighter the rooms feel.

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Make Lemonade

Because this citrus drink is commonly associated with a hot day, that’s what you should be drinking when you want to bring on spring. Amp up the flavor by adding fresh herbs such as mint or lavender. To make a batch of lemonade that blows away any store-bought mix, follow Taste of Home’s expert guide.

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Rearrange Furniture

Even the sofa in your living room takes on a new purpose as the season turns. In winter you’re probably huddling up with a blanket while in spring you might sprawl out with a good book (open windows coaxing in a gentle breeze). Think about how you’ll use a room differently in spring—and move an armchair or sofa to get more sunlight and fresh air.

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Go Overboard With Berries

Nothing says “spring” like a fresh berry pie! But don’t limit yourself. By tossing a salad of greens with sliced strawberries or adding blueberries to a glass of lemonade you’re further expanding your options. Proof there’s no limit: this collection of berry dessert recipes.

Psst: Strawberries are amazing in savory dishes, too.

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Come Home With Flowers

Your backyard might not yet be in bloom but a grocery store or market has plenty of picks. Popping fresh-cut flowers in a vase is a fast way to perk up your interior for spring (check out these tips from pro florists). Consider sourcing your backyard for some add-ons, like lilacs or pussy willows.

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Edible flowers salad in a plate on blue wooden table with forkShutterstock / holbox

Fold Edible Flowers Into Salad

One of the first items to be sold at farmers markets in the spring are bunches of fresh greens, whether it’s butter-leaf, kale or mesclun. Further style these salads with edible flowers. Need some tips on which ones to buy and use? This delicious garden salad recipe includes rose and nasturtium petals, plus marigold blossoms.

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