8 Fun Spring Crafts to Make with Your Kids

Updated: May 04, 2022

Whether you're stuck inside on a rainy day or just looking for a fun family activity, these easy spring crafts are the way to go. Learn how to make painted rocks, dyed Easter eggs and so much more.

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Egg Carton Flowers

No need to head to the craft store. This easy project comes together with supplies you likely have on hand! Use a scissors to divide an egg carton into flower-shaped pieces, then decorate to your heart’s content with acrylic paint. A glued-on button finishes the flower, while a colorful paper straw serves as its stem. Bonus: This bouquet will never wilt. Need a dish to help you finish off that dozen? Try these recipes made with every quantity of egg.

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TP Roll Butterflies

Instead of recycling your empty toilet paper rolls the traditional way, give them new life as this kid-friendly craft. Start by painting the roll with acrylic paint. Then, lay down something to protect your surface—it’s about to get a little messy! Let kids dip their hands in finger paint, then place on a piece of card stock. These will serve as your butterflies wings. Once the paint is dry, cut out the hand stamps and attach ’em to either side of the painted roll. Add final touches—like googly eyes, pipe cleaner antennae and a sweet smile—if desired.

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Painted Rocks

Kids have been painting rocks for decades—and the fun never gets old! Start by going on a nature walk with the kiddos to find rocks. You can pick up any size, but bigger surfaces are easier for little hands to paint. Then, give the rocks a rinse to remove any dirt or debris. After that? Let your imagination take over! Set out acrylic paints, pens, brushes, glitter and any other supplies you have on hand. Once the painted rocks are dry, display them in the garden. Next up: Learn how to make rock candy at home!

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Sweets-Stamped Towel

Put those Peeps to work! Take advantage of the sweet haul the Bunny brings with this adorable tea towel craft. Get started by laying out a clean, white flour sack towel. Then, unwrap a package of Peeps candies and coat a few of ’em in Mod Podge. Once the candies are dry, the fun can begin. Dip the Peeps in fabric paint and lightly press down on the towel. Repeat, as needed, to create your desired pattern. Finish by hot-gluing mini pompoms on for tails or using a fabric pen to draw faces. Check out these other fun ways to use up leftover Easter candy.

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Carrot Footprints

Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way! Pay homage to Peter Cottontail with this cute carrot craft. Let your little ones dip their feet into orange finger paint, then hop their design onto white card stock. Once dry, cut out their paw, err, foot prints and mount them on orange craft paper. Finish with twisted green pipe cleaners that double as carrot stems. Moms are suckers for sweet homemade gifts like these. Discover more ideas for easy Mother’s Day crafts.

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Pretty Easter Eggs

Take egg decorating to a new level. These pretty patterns are made by dipping hard-boiled eggs in tinted whipped cream, using stamps dipped in food dye and printing Easter sayings with a food-safe marker. Get step-by-step instructions for each design in our guide to throwing an Easter egg decorating party (maybe you can plan a big bash for next year).

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Pretty Picture Frames

Upgrade a plain wooden craft frame with this fun technique. First, decide on a design for your frame. It can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like! Then, use a knitting needle to etch the design into the wood frame. (Parents will definitely want to supervise younger kids during this step!) Then, gently color the frame with a crayon. We suggest coloring vertically, then going over the frame horizontally, too. Dust off any crayon residue, then use a hair dryer to set the colors.

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Loofah Bunnies

If you have a loofah on its last leg, give it one final hurrah with this adorable bunny craft. Dip the loofah in your favorite acrylic paint, then blot it on a piece of white card stock. While you’re waiting for the paint to dry, cut out bunny ears from patterned card stock, pick out a pair of googly eyes and form whiskers with pipe cleaners. Use a glue stick or hot glue gun to put everything together, and add final touches like a cotton ball mouth or a hand-drawn smile. Try these adorable Easter Bunny-shaped recipes, too.