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8 Spirits You Didn’t Know You Needed to Try

This batch of unusual spirits has something for everyone. Look for fragrant flavors like saffron, ginger and rose petals!

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Apologue Saffron Spiced Liqueurvia

Apologue Saffron Spiced Liqueur

Apologue makes this spiced liqueur with a mix of saffron, cardamom and coriander. You will also notice the flavors of zesty citrus and earthy lemongrass and turmeric.

Bartender’s Tip: Use this liqueur in place of gin in a French 75.

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Art in the Age Ginger Quincevia

Art in the Age Ginger Quince

This cordial, produced by Tamworth Distilling, was made from 10 bushels of quince fruits. What does a quince taste like? Its flavor is a mix between a pear and an apple. The distillers added ginger to the mix to balance out the quince flavor. The resulting cordial is delicate with floral and fruity flavors.

Bartender’s Tip: Replace half the vodka with this cordial in a Moscow mule.

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Bearcat Orange Peel & Spice Infused Bourbonvia

Bearcat Orange Peel & Spice Infused Bourbon

Bearcat celebrates the contribution of women to the craft of distilling whiskey. It makes sense, because bearcat is a Prohibition-era slang term for a fiery-spirited woman! The barrel-aged Kentucky bourbon is infused with a hint of freshly grated orange peel and spices.

Bartender’s Tip: Use this infused bourbon in an Old-Fashioned.

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Copper & Kings Destillaré Intense Cafévia

Copper & Kings Destillare Intense Cafe

Intense Cafe is a brandy infused with Arabica cold brew coffee, Madagascan vanilla, cardamom and honey. It has a silky espresso finish with coffee flavors that linger.

Bartender’s Tip: Use this in place of Kahlua in a White Russian.

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Dorothy Parker Rose Petal Ginvia

Dorothy Parker Rose Petal Gin

New York Distilling Company introduced this Rose Petal Gin in honor of Dorothy Parker’s 125th birthday. This gin features the flavors of juniper berries, coriander, green cardamom pods, cinnamon bark and citrus peels.

Bartender’s Tip: If you can find it, try Dorothy Parker gin in a classic gin & tonic.

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EFFEN Yuzu Citrus Vodkavia

Effen Yuzu Citrus Vodka

Holland-based Effen Vodka is well-known for their unique flavor infusions. For 2019, they released a Yuzu Citrus vodka featuring the yuzu, a Japanese fruit. It tastes like a blend of citrus, grapefruit and herbal flavors.

Bartender’s Tip: Sip this vodka with a splash of soda or in a spiked lemonade.

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Hendrick's Midsummer Solsticevia

Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice

This summer, Scotland-based Hendrick’s released Midsummer Solstice, a limited-edition small batch gin. It’s a light and crisp gin with an intensely aromatic floral flavor.

Bartender’s Tip: Try Midsummer Solstice in one of these classic gin cocktails.

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Starward Nova Single Malt Whiskyvia

Starward Nova Single Malt Whisky

This single malt whisky from Melbourne-based Starward is aged in uncharred Australian red wine barrels (shiraz, cabernet and pinot) for two years. This aging process gives the whisky a unique fruit-forward, wine-influenced flavor.

Bartender’s Tip: This whisky is ideal in a Manhattan. (Find the recipe, plus other vintage drink suggestions.)

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Susan Bronson
Susan Bronson is a writer and editor based in Northern Wisconsin.