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These Secret Southern Tricks Make Any Fried Food Better

Want to take your fried food game to the next level? We've got the answers.

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Use the right oil

Think you can just use any oil for frying? Wrong! If you make the mistake of using an inappropriate oil to deep-fry food, you could find that it ends up with a weird, off-putting taste. Common oils, like olive oil, have a low smoke point, which means that you can’t bring them to a high enough heat without ruining the dish. Instead, opt for a neutral alternative such as canola or peanut oil.

Be sure you put that oil in the right pan, too!

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Season your batter well

Ever wondered where certain fried foods get that kick of flavor? It’s not rocket science! Adding some seasoning to the batter before you deep fry your ingredients is essential. You could include a hot splash of cayenne, garlic, chili flakes and, of course, some salt and pepper. Experiment a little until you figure out what works for you.

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Dry before you fry

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to making fried food is that they don’t dry their ingredients before. Giving your chicken, onion rings, or whatever else you’re frying a pat down will get rid of any moisture. Do this before you add the batter. This small hack means that the food will be extra crispy!

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Pop some corn flakes in the batter

Adding a little extra crunch to your food couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve mixed a tasty-looking batter, it’s time to add something special. Crushing some cornflakes and adding them to the mixture means your food will have that little something extra. The crispier it is, the better!

Here are some other creative ways to use cereal in your cooking.

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Or some vodka

It may sound like a total curveball, but adding vodka to your batter may not be a bad idea. Alcohol evaporates much faster than water, which means that you get a really crispy finish on your food. Add just a tablespoon to your entire mix to notice a difference.

Vodka can also help you make an extra flaky pie crust.

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Double fry your food

You can only fry your food for as long as it takes to cook inside. However, one thing you may not realize is that you can actually ‘double fry’ it. Once cooked, leave the treat to rest for a few minutes. Then, put it back into the fryer for that extra crunch.

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Experiment with different ingredients

While chicken, shrimp and onion may be your go-to deep-fried ingredients, it doesn’t hurt to mix things up a little. You can apply this culinary approach to a whole range of foods from sweet (like this Oreo!) to savory. Just think of the state fair for inspiration!

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