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8 Guacamole Recipes with a Secret Ingredient

Time to take your guac to a whole new level.

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Secret Ingredient: Mayo

Ever wondered how to make guacamole? Just whip together this delicious blend of your favorite fresh ingredients.—Joan Hallford, North Richland Hills, Texas

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Secret Ingredient: CeleryTaste of Home

Secret Ingredient: Celery

Get the scoop on making a standout guacamole. A handful of chopped celery adds some fun crunch in this avocado dip—everyone’s favorite fiesta starter. —Catherine Cassidy, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Secret Ingredient: Grilled AvocadosTaste of Home

Secret Ingredient: Grilled Avocados

If you’re a guacamole lover, try this fun grilled version that gives it a smoky flavor. The veggies tend to darken a bit when heated, so stir it gently to prevent further discoloration. —Lindsay Sprunk, Noblesville, Indiana

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Secret Ingredient: PeachTaste of Home

Secret Ingredient: Peach

Fresh jalapenos and summer-ripe peaches give this creamy guacamole so much flavor. It's got a little kick, but I love that it's not so spicy it burns off my taste buds! —Colleen Delawder, Herndon, Virginia

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Secret Ingredient: MangoTaste of Home

Secret Ingredient: Mango

I needed a change from the standard guacamole recipe, so I added mango for more sweetness. It really complements the heat from the chili pepper, and it looks beautiful, too! —Adam Landau, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

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Secret Ingredient: Chipotle PeppersTaste of Home

Secret Ingredient: Chipotle Peppers

If you're serious about guacamole, use a molcajete. The lava stone makes a big difference on the pepper paste and is fun for guests. — Laura Levy, Lyons, Colorado

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Secret Ingredient: SalsaTaste of Home

Secret Ingredient: Salsa

This homemade guacamole is pretty basic, but it always gets compliments. A jar of salsa makes it a breeze to stir up and serve with crunchy tortilla chips for a effortless appetizer. —Heidi Main, Anchorage, Alaska

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Secret Ingredient: BeansTaste of Home

Secret Ingredient: Beans

I love guacamole! But I add beans to boost the amount of fiber in this version. It has a texture similar to hummus and is perfect for dipping chips, pita or veggies. —Raquel Haggard, Edmond, Oklahoma